Rye Lane review: Smart, refreshing, and adventurous

Rye Lane follows Dom and Yas, who meet at a common friend’s art exhibition and bond over their recent breakups as they spend an entire day together. The movie is now streaming on Hulu.


Dom breaks down at his friend Nathan’s art exhibition after seeing his ex-girlfriend’s new pictures on social media. He locks himself in a unisex bathroom and cries, watching her redecorate the very room he helped her paint.

Yas overhears him crying alone. She bends down, notices his shoes, and inquires if he is fine. She later meets him outside, and they get along after learning that they both are friends with Nathan and his girlfriend, Cass.

For some reason, Yas finds herself drawn toward Dom. She joins him on a short walk for Dom’s errands that don’t lead anywhere, forcing Dom to confess that he lied about the errands.

Dom tells her about his break-up, and she helps him get over his ex-girlfriend, as she has gone through a recent break-up too. Dom is left in awe and is eager to know more about Yas and how she has been able to stay happy after her breakup, not knowing that she is keeping a few things from him.


David Jonsson, as Dom, and Vivian Oparah, as Yas, play a typical modern-day rom-com couple. Dom is that introverted kid who cares about the smallest things, and Yas pretends to be a carefree, free-spirited girl with her own fears.

These two polar opposite personalities fall for each other as expected, but Jonsson and Oparah make sure that their chemistry is strong despite the cliches their characters have.

Jonsson flawlessly portrays the change that Dom goes through when he meets Yas. The viewers forget about the crying Dom when he spends time laughing with Yas.

Oparah, on the other hand, manages to hide the insecurities that Yas has. Though one expects that she might be keeping something from Dom, Oparah convinces the viewers that Yas is what she is pretending to be.


Rye Lane will catch everyone’s attention when Dom and Yas’ conversations really kick off. The creators stage flashback sequences in a very quirky, creative, dramatic, and entertaining manner.

Both Dom and Yas’ break-up stories are cringy, awkward, yet funny, even when they are a bit predictable.

The colorful tone and the stroll through the city create an environment for such stories to be told. Furthermore, the movie captures the city in such a way that the viewers will often find themselves noticing the people around Dom and Yas. The viewers will wonder what these people are up to at this time around.

The adventures Dom and Yas pull off, the kinds of people they meet, and the situations they have to face are channeled with the right amount of emotions, innocence, and smart jokes.

Lastly, the movie gets its soundtrack right. It’s hard not to headbang or enjoy certain songs played during the film. One will cherish the moment when Dom and Yas sing at Mona’s karaoke bar. The writing is perfect, and it makes you want to root for the couple.


Rye Lane starts off the way a rom-com full of cliches does. So you may not find the couple appealing at first. The viewers will have to allow both Dom and Yas to tell their stories if they really want to enjoy a good rom-com.


Rye Lane is a smart and refreshing rom-com. The strong chemistry between Jonsson and Oparah, the bright and calm neighborhood, and some very funny sequences make the movie a one-time comfort watch.

Rye Lane
Rye Lane review: Smart, refreshing, and adventurous 1

Director: Raine Allen-Miller

Date Created: 2023-03-31 09:30

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