Reign Supreme review: Hugely entertaining for rap enthusiasts

Reign Supreme follows young artists as they help shape the development of French hip-hop in everything from the city’s slums to its biggest venues. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Daniel finds himself at a hip-hop party in California and becomes enthralled by the DJ’s record-spinning and mixing skills. Then, Daniel is back in France, talking about bringing hip-hop culture to France with his buddies and his new acquaintance Beatrice.

Didier and Bruno both deal with familial troubles through breakdancing and hip-hop music. Former rivals, Bruno and Didier gradually become friends and start to perform together at several breakdance talent events.

But regrettably, Didier’s violent father forces him to go to Italy, leaving Bruno in a difficult situation and making him a failure in his supposedly ‘perfect’ family.

A high school student named Vivi enters the realm of graffiti to deal with her situation, which advances French hip-hop culture.

Bruno and Didier rejoin when Didier returns to France, and they both end up in the hip-hop rap scene. With his talent for music, Daniel develops into DJ Dee Nasty, while Vivi, later known as Lady V, finds her new direction in life.


The series fulfils its potential, thanks to the immensely likeable characters portrayed by the lead actors, the masterful scene balancing, the ideal pacing, and the excellent music.

The show focuses on the creative underworld of Paris and numerous integration concerns. The humour in the work, which is strongly related to the characters’ youth and gives them each the room they require in the narrative, is what makes it new.

Daniel is a subdued, lovely, and sweet man who reveres music, and actor Andranic Manet delivers a magnificent performance.

Melvin Boomer’s Didier persona remains the same throughout the series. He keeps true to the part and is constantly reckless. French actor Anthony Bajon does a good job portraying the role of young Bruno. 

There are several supporting characters that play a significant part in the story. Beatrice, Daniel’s girlfriend, is a fantastic example of an Asian lady trapped in France. Despite her own life imploding, Beatrice is portrayed as a strong woman who continues to support Daniel. 


Despite just having six episodes, the series contains nearly every significant facet of France’s 1980s. The audience witnesses something fresh and true to what actually occurred in the 1980s in every episode.

It is revealed how black people lived in France, how kids with family problems navigated their lives from drugs to sex, how the French riots made people lose trust in the police, how music and art brought people together, and how hip-hop was born via underground fights. 

The audience is given a superb overview of pre-French Revolutionary France with the aid of a supporting cast, the 1980s setting, and costumes.

The music of the Reign Supreme series is yet another intriguing feature. Hip-hop music is used often throughout the series. The evolution of the characters captures the spirit of the series because this fictional plot is based on actual events. 


As a result of the series’ fictitious nature, the series will reflect the audience’s interest in European hip-hop.

It is uncertain if the plot will be interesting enough to draw viewers other than ardent hip-hop enthusiasts because not everyone is a fan of the French band NTM. Despite considerable exposure on international platforms, NTM is still mostly unknown outside of Europe.

It is unclear why audiences in other areas of the world should care about NTM’s beginnings, even if the show is mostly an intimate, tedious biographical account.


Reign Supreme is an intense series that moves along nicely by displaying the characters’ backstories, difficulties, inborn emotions, connections, and development. People who like music, art, and freedom will find the series to be a feast.

Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme review: Hugely entertaining for rap enthusiasts 1

Director: Hélier Cisterne, Katell Quillévéré

Date Created: 2022-11-18 13:30

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