Reacher (2022) review: A resplendent series replete with commanding performances

Rating: 4.5/5

‘Reacher’ is an action-thriller series on Prime Video based on the Jack Reacher book series written by Lee Child. The first season is an adaptation of Child’s debut novel, ‘Killing Floor’.


Jack Reacher is a former military officer who happens to be passing by the town of Margrave, Georgia when he’s arrested on suspicion of murder. The chief detective, Finlay, and one of the officers, Roscoe are sympathetic towards him but carry on with the investigation.

When a couple more bodies begin to drop and Reacher’s alibi is proven, he decides to stick around and help in figuring out what’s happening in this sleepy little town. The first body to be dropped turns out to be Reacher’s brother and that’s when Reacher sets his mind on getting revenge.

A sleepy little town being bankrolled by a big industrialist named Kliner means that there is something shady going on and it’s up to Reacher and the only two clean officers in the department to solve the case.

Finlay is a former member of the Boston PD who has moved out here to hide from his demons but he hasn’t received a warm welcome from the locals, partially due to the colour of his skin.

Roscoe’s family has been in Margrave since its earliest days and she’s also a hardworking and intuitive cop who has a lot of gumption within her.

A rabbit hole filled with corrupt officials, counterfeit money, South American hitmen and a whole lot of animal feed means that whatever this mystery is, it certainly is a big deal.


There isn’t enough space on this page to cover how well the cast has performed. From the main leads to many of the supporting cast, every member pulls their weight in this series.

Alan Ritchson as the titular lead does a wonderful job portraying that ex-army man with a brilliant and investigative mind. The way he meticulously states out his theories or makes his observations are some of the best scenes to watch.

Malcolm Goodwin is the perfect foil for the gruff existence of Reacher, his more collected approach and his prim and proper enunciation as well as the way he carries himself make him a very engaging character to root for.

Willa Fitzgerald is Reacher’s romantic interest but she’s also a very smart and resourceful cop in her own right who can handle herself in a sticky situation. These three actors exhibit magnificent chemistry between them which is a joy to watch from start to finish.

Chris Webster, Bruce McGill, Willie Carpenter and Martin Roach are among many admirable performers in this story, each taking in their time in the spotlight and using it well.


The soundtrack is absolutely beautiful with the consistent use of Blues music and songs from a certain era adding a touch of class with their melodious rhythms.

All the action sequences are extremely well choreographed and shot with each point of impact given a good focus. Especially whenever Reacher is on screen, it’s a master class in fighting styles.

The story moves at a brisk pace and does not drag for a single moment. Easily binge-worthy because of how seamlessly the story flows.

The dialogue is immensely quotable with the script given a very fastidious approach. When Reacher goes into one of his monologues detailing his every step, the audience is left hanging on every word.

The series is well directed like a well-oiled machine, with every moving part serving its purpose splendidly.


There is a particular issue with the lighting during scenes shot at night. A persistent lack of it forces you to set your screen brightness all the way if you want to catch what’s going on.


‘Reacher’ is a perfect example of how to adapt a book on the screen the right way with Nick Santora’s project certain to appease Jack Reacher fans as well as captivate new ones for a long time to come.

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