Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls review: Fast paced interactive leaves a lot to be desired

Netflix’s Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls is an interactive special that sees the titular duo on a treacherous adventure. Amid difficult terrain, lethal wildlife and harsh weather, Singh hunts for a special flower for the love of his life, his wife, Deepika Padukone.

Plot summary

Ranveer Singh’s digital debut has a pretty straightforward premise. He’s on a mission to procure an extremely resilient and rare flower for his wife and has asked survival veteran Bear Grylls to help him.

The flower in question is the elusive Ramonda serbica aka The Phoenix Plant, found in the high mountains of Serbia. What makes it special is its ability to survive through some of the foulest environmental conditions and has the ability to revive itself if watered even after withering.

The following adventure sees them battle the difficult Serbian landscape and conditions while hunting for the flower, hoping that they don’t starve, end up lost or injured.


Firstly, the visuals are amazing. Set among the picturesque scenery of Serbia, the special is a visual spectacle.

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In addition, the chemistry between Singh and Grylls is a treat to witness. The duo faces many challenges together leading to some funny, thrilling and even philosophical moments.

The classic tropes of Man vs Wild are not lost in this one. We see the duo consume outrageous things — testicles, ants and maggots — for meals, rappel down a mountain, Tyrolean traverse across a valley, explore pitch black caves, climb a nearly vertical ridge, use leaves for sleeping, and more.

The interactive element of the special is a welcome addition. With multiple choices to make and ability to undo decisions allows it to be an immersive experience, creating a deeper involvement.


When it comes to authenticity, Ranveer vs Wild does not stick the landing whatsoever. Owing to its nature as an interactive project, it is understandable that the team had to shoot multiple scenarios for it to work.

However, none of them ever make you feel like Singh and Grylls are in any real danger at any point. Everything feels scripted and planned, which is exactly the opposite of what the makers promised.

Moreover, the special feels less like an adventure show and more like a typical action-adventure Bollywood film that decided to take a different release route.

Ranveer Singh’s over the top presentation blended with his constant chatter about how much he loves Deepika takes the authenticity further away from the project. Mix in dynamic editing, suspenseful music, corny dialogues and you are left with something that often feels cringy.

Lastly, there isn’t enough substance in the narrative to keep it interesting for its runtime of 70 minutes.


Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls will probably satiate die hard fans of the actor and maybe even convince a few to take up adventure as a hobby. However, despite its brilliant visuals and few moments of motivation and wisdom, this one can be skipped for something much more authentic and grounded in the genre.

Rating: 2/5

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