Rangbaaz Phirse review: Gangsters and politics reloaded

Envoy Score: 2.5/5

Rangbaaz has made a comeback with Season 2 titled Rangbaaz Phirse currently streaming on Zee5.

The Story

Touted to be inspired by true events, Rangbaaz Phirse is a story based on the life of notorious gangster Anand Pal Singh. The place is Nagaur city in Rajasthan infested with gangs of different castes.

An intelligent and handsome guy shortlisted for IPS turns into a gangster due to a conspiracy. A rival gang leader of different caste is there to create friction and heighten rivalry, along with power-hungry turncoat politicians to fuel the friction by abetting the thriving illegal arms and liquor mafia lead by gangsters to make things more complicated.

A smart and beautiful woman with a trump card is also present to protect the antagonist. On top of all, there is a cool-headed cop who ventures to checkmate his opponent with strategic moves. Arrange all these characters at vantage points on a platform of action and add some sentiment in the form of friendship and family, the end result is Rangbaaz Phirse.


Jimmy Sheirgill as Amarpal Singh dominates the entire proceedings. He stands tall in enacting the role laced with different emotions and shades which he has done with perfection. He breathes life into an otherwise obsolete storyline of Rangbaaz Phirse, making it an absorbing fare to watch. His perfection is evident from the climax scene where he displays an array of expressions in a brilliant way.

Sushant Singh as Jayaram Godara has given a memorable performance. His facial expressions in the scene where he gets shot showcase his versatility.

Gul Panag, as Anupriya Chaudhary, appears in a significant role to provide the much-needed twist to the story. Though her performance as a smart stockbroker turned trusted aide of Amarpal Singh is excellent, her character was left in the rough defying logic as to how she chose to join hands with a gangster to overcome her financial difficulties. 

Spruha Joshi, as Rukmini Singh, also fits the role with an effective portrayal of the faithful wife of Amarpal Singh.

Sharad Kelkar, in a riveting role of rival gang leader Raja Phogat, and Zeeshan Ayyub as cunning but loyal cop Sanjay Singh Meena who has the last laugh have done well in their respective roles.


Much treaded track of gangsters and gang wars is presented by director Sachin Pathak in a different and gripping manner. His deft handling of the script written by Siddharth Mishra gives Rangbaaz Phirse a new and fresh look making it an enjoyable fare altogether.


Routine storyline. The obsession with gangster politician nexus is not new and it’s oft-repeated on big as well as small screen, making it rather a clichéd one. The non-linear narration which switches to past from present rather abruptly is another drawback which leads to confusion at times, adversely affecting the flow of narration. Music by Roby Ibrahim is a big letdown except for the title track. The BGM should have been done in a better way to elevate Rangbaaz Phirse to next level.

Worth it?

If you want to see Jimmy Sheirgill in full flow and are passionate about gunfights and gang wars, then you can watch Rangbaaz Phirse without any second thought. Others who don’t prefer action can stay away from this.

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