Raising Dion season 2 review: Action-packed but poorly executed

Rating 2.5/5

Season 2 of Raising Dion follows Nicole Reese and her now 10-year-old son Dion as they try to blend their normal lives with supernatural experiences.


After the confrontation with the Crooked Man, the tale picks up two years later. It follows Nicole Reese (Alisha Wainwright) and her 10-year-old son Dion (Ja’Siah Young) as they try to balance normal life with the supernatural.

Dion is sneaking out to conduct superhero pranks while learning to regulate his talents at BIONA, a local Powered hotspot, while Pat is gone.

Nicole, Dion’s mother, is doing well at home. His doctor auntie Kat (Jazmyn Simon) had recently returned from Africa.

Dion with Esperanza (Sammi Haney) and Jonathan (Gavin Munn), and the three of them form the justice triangle, attempting to clean up their neighbourhood without revealing Dion’s abilities.

Brayden Mills (Griffin Robert Faulkner), the son of a man who could make anything grow, arrives in Atlanta harbouring the hatred and rage of the terrible crooked man.

Pat (Jason Ritter), who was thought to be dead, appears and declares that the evil has left him and that he is now a kind guy who wants to help defend everyone.

Dion meets his new trainer Tevin (Rome Flynn) in BIONA’s labs and training rooms. They work to improve Dion’s abilities.

Everyone is on high alert as a result of the impending threats. Tevin also helps a teen girl named Janelle (Aubriana Davis) learn to control her abilities.

Tevin is a fan of Dion’s mother, Nicole. Between them, they begin a really sweet romance.

Brayden can manipulate people’s minds. But, in the end, the round is won by Dion and his squad.


Ja’Siah Young does a decent job as Dion. However, it appears that his emotional range is fairly limited, but Young exudes enormous amounts of kindness, which dispels any harsh judgement.

Esperanza Jimenez is played by Sammi Haney, who is as charming as ever.

As the unstable Brayden Mills and hyper adolescent Janelle, respectively, Griffin Robert Faulkner and Davis deliver strong performances.

Wainwright is still doing a fantastic job as Dion’s mother. Young gives a greater performance as a result of her, resulting in some of the show’s most poignant scenes.

When they aren’t being outdone by Jazmyn Simon’s portrayal of Nicole’s sister, Kat, who steals every scene she appears in.


In terms of special effects, storyline grasp, and humour, Raising Dion Season 2 is good. The directing, music and acting talents all work together to create a presentation that is both family-friendly and entertaining.

The plot of Raising Dion is more unified that allows the characters to flourish. It is action-packed and there are enough thrills to keep viewers guessing.

The visual effects are serviceable for the most part. The soundtrack, which includes a diverse range of genres, integrates flawlessly and enhances moments as needed.


The endeavour to include more characters and events slows down the story and draws focus away from other crucial occurrences.

The writing and execution of the piece could be a little more polished.


‘Raising Dion season 2’ is a fun superhero fantasy series that may work better with younger audiences, although there is enough for adults to give it a casual viewing.

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