Plan A Plan B review: Another underwhelming, cliched rom-com

In Plan A Plan B, a matchmaker and divorce lawyer with conflicting ideas about marriage come face to face. The romantic-comedy movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Right from the moment they meet, divorce lawyer, Kaustubh aka Kosty (Riteish Deshmukh), and matchmaker Nirali (Tamannaah) do nothing but bicker.

Since their offices are right next to each other, confrontations are unavoidable. However, it’s soon evident that there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Nirali has been healing from a tragedy that befell her ex-boyfriend, while Kosty turns out to be married and unable to move on from a broken marriage.

They eventually give each other a chance at friendship as well, but do these opposites ever truly come together?


Both Riteish Deshmukh and Tamannaah perform decently as Kosty and Nirali, two individuals with opposite personalities that constantly clash. Their chemistry is apparent.

However, there is not much nuance to the characters, holding back both the actors.

While Kosty and Nirali have their past baggage, the plot points are extremely one-dimensional. It doesn’t feel as if they’re grown authentically by the end of the film.

All other characters and performances are merely flashes. This is largely just a two-person film. 


The slow reveal of the two protagonist background and the adequate runtime of the film keeps things interesting throughout. You want to know what happens next.


The comedy element of the film is extremely disappointing. The jokes are forced and almost none of them land.

This is especially disappointing when you have actors such as Deshmukh and Kusha Kapila, who are known to have great comic timing. The latter is completely wasted in the film.

Right from the start, you know this is another cliched and predictable rom-com. The man and woman don’t like each other at the outset, get to know each other better, and realise they love each other.

Even the conclusion is predictable. It heavily borrows tropes and if you think back, you can trace every plot point to some previous film.

At an age where Netflix is producing pathbreaking rom-coms such as ‘Heartstopper’, it is saddening that such stories are still far away from India.


If you just can’t have enough of the same cliched rom-coms, ‘Plan A Plan B’ will probably not be unwatchable for you. Just don’t get your hopes up on the humour.

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