Patriot Act Vol 3 Ep 2: Minhaj speaks out on the need for gun control and the NRA

Rating 8/10

In his typical informative yet humorous fashion, Minhaj dives deep into the second episode “The NRA’s Global Impact” about the sensitive but essential topic that is gun control in the United States and how the NRA has had undue influence on it not just in America but also on a global forum.

The episode begins with Minhaj addressing the war of words between the NRA President, Oliver North and Chief Executive Wayne Lapierre and describing Lapierre’s infidelities with a 20-something female intern as “a man with a heart of gold” which caused a wave of laughter in the audience.

He then takes on the news that the United States, under Donald Trump has decided to back out of the UN Arms Trade Treaty that regulates international trade of arms to countries or states that could use them for war crimes and human rights abuses.

Minhaj puts his trademark funny spin to it by showcasing a clip from the host of his “father’s favourite TV news show” of an Asian-American news anchor explaining it in simple terms. Who could be against the treaty, asked Minhaj. “Well, Kim Jong Un, Bashar al-Assad and … the NRA. “

A video from 2009 by the NRA that makes it clear about their opposition to the UN’s objectives for gun reform is played that makes it clearer about their stand on “the right to own guns” by the people of America and how they think of it as a constitutional freedom that should be available to the entire world.

Minhaj’s use of political satire may not be familiar to the audience outside the US but he does a good job of explaining each event rather well to ensure that everyone watching remains in the loop about what is going on.

He talks about the sting by an Al-Jazeera journalist on One Nation, a political party in Australia led by Pauline Hnason, an advocate of gun rights during their visit to meet the NRA in Washington and wittingly describes him as, “No Australian is that Australian.”

Minhaj then links the NRA and their trigger-happy ways to another major issue: Migration. He states that their influence has spread to Central and South America with no signs of it slowing down. He manages to emphasise on the impact by informing the audience that there were 36,060 gun deaths in Brazil compared to just 30, 694 in America – and ironically, Brazil does not have the right to bear arms.

He then looks towards Mexico who has been blaming the US for the infiltration of guns into the state which has led to more than 30,000 deaths. He also informs the audience about ‘straw purchasing’ – a term many of us may not be familiar with – which is an illegal means for criminals to acquire guns and ammunition and how the NRA has managed to stop any leaks on information about the trade deals.

“The gun violence in Central America is fueling the migrant crisis,” says Minhaj.

Considering the rather sensitive topic, Hasan does a great job of delivering a concise and easy to comprehend understand narrative around it. Gun control is not easy and will not be achieved overnight but starting a conversation around it is what Minhaj aims for with this episode and after watching it, it may actually lead on to thinking of its consequences.

Patriot Act Volume 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

You can also watch the full episode below: