Pamela, A Love Story review: Truly heartwarming and tender life story

Pamela, A Love Story is a documentary on the life of Pamela Anderson, told from her own perspective as she recollects the rollercoaster of a life that she has lived. The film is streaming on Netflix.


Pamela speaks from the comfort of her childhood home in Canada as she goes over her memories of growing up with dysfunctional parents and the abuse that she faced from others.

She moves on to discuss how she was discovered at a Canadian football game that eventually led to Playboy, Baywatch, and all the other reasons she became known as an international sex symbol.

She had a turbulent time when it came to relationships, none more so than when she was married to Mötley Crüe drummer, Tommy Lee Bass. She talks about what went through her mind during those controversial times and how it affected her life.

There is also a glimpse at her stint at Broadway recently and what she might have in store for the future.


Pamela Anderson comes across as genuine and full of emotion every time she speaks and she has viewers rooting for her in no time. There is a charm to her that people often overlooked or passed off as her being ditzy but in reality, is a wonderful quality.

A large part of the documentary relies on the comprehensive records that Pamela kept herself and the home movies and diaries add an air of purity to the story being told.


The film explores her life at a surface level and the content is very much kept “safe” which means that there are parts of her life that are brushed through despite being significant in their own right.


Pamela, A Love Story is a warm documentary that aims to keep audiences in good spirits while helping Pamela Anderson reclaim the narrative of her life story. Her candidness is refreshing and her perspective on the attention that she faced is certainly eye-opening but this film isn’t necessarily ground-breaking, just enjoyable.

Pamela, A Love Story
Pamela, A Love Story review: Truly heartwarming and tender life story 1

Director: Ryan White

Date Created: 2023-01-31 13:30

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