Ozark season 4 part 2 review: Winding road reaches a compelling conclusion

Part 2 of the final season of Ozark brings an end to the story of the Byrde family as they broker a deal between the FBI and the Navarro cartel while also securing the political connections to safeguard their future. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.


With Omar in prison and Javi now running the cartel, Wendy and Marty Byrde have a new dynamic to get used to. Things go sideways, however when Ruth kills Javi as revenge for her cousin.

With so much chaos, they need to figure out a new arrangement to get on the FBI’s good side while staying in the good graces of the cartel. They cosy up to Omar’s sister, Camilla, in the hopes that she will agree to their business plan.

Ruth does not make life easier on them at every step of the way as she comes into new money upon the death of her cousin and Darlene. She carries out a hostile takeover of the casino and forbids them from laundering money

Mel Sattem also proves to be a thorn in their side with his continued investigation into Ben’s disappearance, while his association with Wendy’s father, Nathan leads to more inner family turmoil as grandpa takes his daughter to court for his grandchildren’s safety.

With all of their experience putting out fires and dealing with so much pressure, the Byrde family manage to come out on top but in no way do they come out with their hands clean.


Jason Bateman, Laura Linney and Julia Garner once again steal the show as the main points of focus throughout the series. They are ably supported by Richard Thomas and other cast members

Bateman comes across as calm and collected and there is even a brief moment where he takes out his frustrations in a moment of road rage. That showed the level to which he’s been trying to keep himself together.

Linney plays the ambitious and conniving matriarch who is trying way too hard to control every single situation including her children. Her hubris leads her to make some questionable choices but they ultimately work out in the end.

Garner has shown immense growth since the beginning of the series and it all comes to a fore here. She’s initially dealing with grief from the loss of her cousin, but she turns that into a ruthless streak that takes her to high places.

Thomas plays the caring grandfather well, only to let his true colours out by the end of the series. Adam Rothenberg¬†makes sure he’s a nuisance with his commitment to the job.


The soundtrack is once again on point. The use of various music to signify a particular character’s journey or state of mind at that moment is a masterstroke.

The dialogue stays with you thanks to some brilliant work from the writers. There are conversations about life and faith and paying for your sins which have you listening intently.

The character development of Wendy Byrde is crafty storytelling at its finest. How she slowly devolves into this power-hungry woman who can justify every action was handled extremely well.

It’s a well-written concept that was executed to near perfection as every moment has led to this chilling conclusion.


Javi Elizondro was a really interesting character and they missed a trick by eliminating him so early on in.

The end that befell Ruth felt significant and yet slightly unfair for a character that went through hell to make something of her life.


This series has come to a thrilling conclusion that deserves some attention. A long and winding journey around some magnetic characters means that it promises a wild ride from start to finish.

Rating: 3.5/5

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