Our Planet II review: Breathtaking docuseries is ultimately bleak

Netflix’s nature docuseries sequel, Our Planet II showcases another breathtaking record of wildlife across the planet Earth, with a harrowing message on the dangers that modern humanity wreaks on it.


The docuseries begins with the first episode focusing on the migration and its vitality in terms of survival for buffalos, humpback whales, and polar bears among others.

Episode 2 follows honey bees looking for new colonies, snow geese breeding, and tadpoles embarking on a perilous journey of metamorphosis, and lions pouncing on their wildebeest prey.

In episode 3, Attenborough narrates the journey that the offsprings embark on while fending for themselves and hitting adolescence. The journey is beautiful but the roads are awfully rough.

Episode 4 showcases the horrors that the modern world wreaks upon wildlife and prevents it from surviving and migrating.

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David Attenborough never disappoints and does his best when he narrates every bit of life as it transpires on the ocean floor, the rocky jungles, desolate tundras, or just about anywhere on the planet.

The cinematography is simply awe-inspiring and some of the most vulnerable moments captured make one wonder just how were they ever able to get the shot.

The shots are beautiful, serene, and then very bleak and hopeless too. From the inspiring perseverance to the relentless cruelty, nature is varied and so is the range of emotions the docuseries manages to both capture and inspire.

Merely focusing on the beauty of nature might not just be tasteless but also irresponsible; thankfully, the docuseries also focuses on the calamities that wildlife suffers from due to man-made pollution and perilous hurdles.


For the true scale of the bleak realities that afflict wildlife due to humans, a slot, at the very least, must be devoted to the unethical and immoral butchering of animals for food consumption. Sadly, Our Planet II is bereft of any such profferings.


As what is yet another successful installment of the Netflix nature docuseries, Our Planet II manages to inspire, scare, cheer, and sadden the viewer with a mirage of wildlife on display, and the stories of struggle that countless species experience as part of their survival.

Our Planet II
Our Planet II review: Breathtaking docuseries is ultimately bleak 1

Director: Toby Nowlan, Ed Charles

Date Created: 2023-06-14 12:30

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