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Operation MBBS review: No shortcuts to success

When the whole world is looking up to doctors in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, Operation MBBS, a Dice Media original series, in collaboration with Unacademy, throws light on the lives of students who pursue their medical careers amidst many challenges and struggles in a 5-episode mini web series which is streaming on YouTube.


Huma (Sarah Hashmi), Sakshi (Anshul Chauhan) and Nishant (Ayush Mehra) who join MBBS and go through various situations which are tough, joyful and stressful dotted with some hilarious moments. The silver lining is that they are able to learn not only lessons in medicine but also on life and people who are going to change their lives. 

Huma and Sakshi get together with Nishant after an initial misunderstanding, though they are from different backgrounds. Nishant has the backing of his father Dr Rajbeer Singh, who is quite famous for his medical literature whereas Huma is from a middle class broken family and Sakshi is from a joint family and has never lived on her own. 

Then, there is KC (Prateek Pachori), who never passes even after studying MBBS for years and it’s really amazing that he never runs out of confidence to crack MBBS. His spirit and never say die attitude is definitely a lesson to all those who quit in the middle due to one reason or the other.

Akash (Deepak Simwal) is the canteen boy with high knowledge about Medical terminology. His interest in pursuing MBBS inspires Sakshi to encourage him to appear for NEET by taking the help of online lessons from Unacademy, the pioneers in online education for competitive exams and entrance exams. 


While all the actors have performed well, Ayush and Anshul are a bit ahead with their timing and impeccable expressions. Sarah, too, has done well, especially in emotional scenes. Prateek Pachori brings a lot of comic relief with his funny gestures, expressions and dialogues. He plays a key role in giving much needed humorous touch to the whole series.


The narration is decent and director Amrit Raj Gupta, along with writers Ayesha Nair, Puneet Batra and Dr Pravin Yadav, has presented the inside view of the lives of medical students with the correct perspective. The amount of struggle and the kind of relentless hard work put up by young doctors is captured brilliantly.

The journey of Akash from an ordinary canteen boy to the prospective medical student is very well presented and it’s quite inspiring as well.


The lacuna of weekly episode web series is its restriction of viewership and Operation MBBS also suffers from the same disadvantage. The plot resembles that of Kota Factory and other similar student based series but with a change in discipline, from Arts or Engineering to MBBS in this case. As a result, there is always a lurking familiarity.

Worth it?

Medical students will definitely learn a lesson or two from Operation MBBS. Moreover, this can be watched for the noble message it conveys; ‘No short cuts to success’, which is the highlight of this series.

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