No One Will Save You review: Kaitlyn Dever is out of this world in an incredibly intense thriller

No One Will Save You is a sci-fi thriller about a woman who lives independently and has to fend off an alien home invasion. The film is streaming on Hulu.


Brynn is an anxious woman who prefers spending most of her time at home by herself. She is treated with contempt whenever she goes out into town because of something that happened in the past.

One night, she is visited by an alien that breaks into her house. She ends up killing it in self-defense but that is only the first of many. A full-blown invasion takes place as Brynn tries her best to escape the aliens’ control.

She also has to face her traumatic past and overcome the psychological effect it has had on her all these years.


Kaitlyn Dever is absolutely mesmerizing in the role of Brynn. In a role that relies mostly on facial expressions and physicality, Dever stuns with a powerful performance.

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The film is a fine example of thriller tropes with the sound and cinematography heightening the experience of the film. The decision to not have meaningful dialogue is another masterstroke.

Following Dever’s actions throughout the film and telling the story through visual aids is a very artistic choice and it is executed brilliantly here. Brian Duffield has done a great job with the tone that he wanted to set.

The aliens look absolutely terrifying, even though it looks much like a generic design. The varied sizes and structures add some extra dimensions to the kind of fear they bring out from the audience.

Focusing on Brynn’s past trauma from killing her best friend as a child is a deeply profound story within the background of an alien invasion. It’s a bold decision that just about works out.


The pacing of the film is considerably slow given the genre and narrative, and that makes it unappealing to some crowds. The audience can occasionally get distracted by something else while taking in the film.


No One Will Save You is a fantastic thriller that has you at the edge of your seat thanks to a magnificent performance by Kaitlyn Dever and supported by exceptional direction from Brian Duffield. The shock factor is great and the film is even layered with a touching narrative about loss and guilt.

No One Will Save You
No One Will Save You review: Kaitlyn Dever is out of this world in an incredibly intense thriller 1

Director: Brian Duffield

Date Created: 2023-09-22 00:00

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