My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2 review: Quite ordinary kids fare

In season 2 of My Dad the Bounty Hunter, Terry is kidnapped by an alien and Tess and the kids have the search the galaxy for him. The season is streaming on Netflix.


Terry is abducted by a bounty hunter and Tess heads out in search of him leaving Sean and Lisa behind. They manage to travel to space with the help of Flobby, an old bounty that Terry had captured.

Following the trail, Tess and her kids are led to find Glorlox, break in and then out of an EHC detainment facility, and then visit an intergalactic casino for criminals. Tess finds out that Terry was taken to her home planet of Doloraam, a place she ran away from.

The EHC is back to its old tricks with a new person named Pam at the helm. They are after the powerful crystals found only on Doloraam and have an army of killer robots to take it by force.

The Hendrix family is reunited and has to fight for Tess’s home planet together.

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The alternate animation style used for the flashbacks is extremely slick and adds some uniqueness to the series. The animation in general is solid and reliable.

The pacing of the episodes is good and it is easy to watch without getting too distracted.


The storylines aren’t fleshed out as thoroughly which weakens it entirely. The reasons for Tess running away are fumbled and she never once discusses it with Lisa, who deserved the explanation the most.

In fact, there is very little character growth throughout the season and it lacks effort. Lisa continues to be a character that is fun, but can also be very grating at times.


My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2 is definitely a decent experience for children of a certain age but under more scrutiny, it does not secure passing marks. The season is a bit of a blur and will most likely be forgotten soon after the first watch.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2
My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2 review: Quite ordinary kids fare 1

Director: Ian Abando, Kai Akira, Cole Harrington, Vince Aparo

Date Created: 2023-08-17 12:30

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