My Dad the Bounty Hunter review: Delightfully simple fun for the young ones

My Dad the Bounty Hunter is an animated series that revolves around 2 children who find out that their father is secretly an intergalactic hunter who retrieves criminals. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Terry and Tess are a separated couple taking care of their children, Lisa and Sean, although Tess does most of the heavy lifting while Terry is mostly busy with work. Terry is an intergalactic fugitive retrieval expert or a space bounty hunter.

When Lisa and Sean unknowingly sneak onto Terry’s ship while he’s out on a job, Terry must travel the galaxy with his children and finally spend time getting to know them and trying to rebuild his relationship after not being around so much.

He also has to capture a dangerous individual while keeping his children safe, although he’s eventually forced to consider whether the side he’s working for is actually the good side.

Terry learns to prioritize his family while his children get to see what he actually does for a living and how much he sacrifices to provide for them.


The series has a wonderful message about family and parental responsibilities interlayered with a surprisingly intriguing sci-fi plot involving an evil, greedy corporation. The narrative is simple to follow but doesn’t dumb things down too much.

The animation is crisp and pleasing to watch, and there are different styles used for flashbacks which are all the more impressive. The soundtrack is similarly upbeat and suits the tone of the series.

The voice acting in the series is commendable, which is expected from the established names credited in this series. They approach the job with utmost dedication and it shows in the final product.


The pace of the episodes does tend to drag on at times, especially for an animated series. They feel a lot longer than the standard 25 minutes and leave room for distractions.


My Dad the Bounty Hunter is a wonderful series perfectly suited for younger audiences, although it won’t be too appealing to the adults accompanying them. The series is 10 episodes of casual fun and heartwarming family bonding that children below a certain age will certainly enjoy.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter
My Dad the Bounty Hunter review: Delightfully simple fun for the young ones 1

Director: Everett Downing Jr., Patrick Harpin

Date Created: 2023-02-09 13:30

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