Mob Psycho 100 season 3 review: A tender tale of growth and acceptance

‘Mob Psycho 100’ season 3 continues to follow Mob as he truly begins to come to his own while looking ahead at his future and contending with the years of repressed feelings before he steps on to the next stage of his life.


Mob becomes concerned when he sees all his friends around him thinking about their future after school while he hasn’t got the slightest idea about what he’s going to do. Meanwhile, Serizawa who’s taken up a job under Reigen is also worried about his future.

Mob does realise that he’s not going to be doing what he does for Reigen forever (which he makes clear to his sensei), but also that he doesn’t necessarily need to worry too much about coming up with a decision for his future.

Later on, Mob falls victim to misinterpretation and deludes himself into thinking that he’s become quite popular with the girls. Meanwhile, Dimple asks Mob for a favour that he refuses to entertain, rather harshly.

The giant broccoli tree starts to act up and the change in spiritual pressure alarms many psychics, as well as Reigen, who eventually sees some money to make out of the growing number of cults and groups gathering under the tree.

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They all hail the founder of the Psycho Helmet Cult, who eventually shows up and wreaks havoc by mind-controlling almost everyone in the city, prompting Mob to finally confront him.

The Psycho Helmet founder turns out to be Dimple who’s doing all this to get Mob’s attention after he’s been nothing but negligent towards his feelings, and Mob now realises that.

However, shortly after their reconciliation, a new enemy approaches and in the battle with said foe, Dimple seemingly perishes after self-sacrifice.

Life goes on Mob embarks on some other adventures before he learns that Tsubomi is moving to another school. He wants the confess to her but before he asks her to meet at a park, he meets an accident and his ‘???’ part comes out and starts wreaking havoc everywhere.

Friends and enemies from the past and the present come and try to calm Mob down from wreaking a rampage while he goes through great turmoil within himself.

Reigen, Ritsu, and others help Mob finally come to terms with the version of himself who’s been repressed all this time and finally wants to be out and be accepted.

Mob makes peace with his trauma and turns a new leaf, becoming a better version of himself, this capable of expressing his emotions freely. With him finally being able to laugh freely, ‘Mob Psycho 100’ season 3 rolls the credits.


The voice cast for ‘Mob Psycho 100’ is just as consistent as everything else in the anime. This is to say that it’s wonderful, especially with the kind of finality that this season brings with it — the acting is top-notch and aids the emotional material brilliantly.


The end to Mob’s journey is poignant, and while expectedly so, the brilliance of it is still intact. Season 3 is a perfect follow-up to its predecessor both in terms of general continuity and the emotional one.

Mob has grown up and it’s time to move forward in his life. He can’t be Reigen’s student forever. And while he does realise that, he still hasn’t quite come to terms with the fact that he’s been living a restrained life.

All those percentage tallies were all the repressed emotions Mob stops himself from expressing, exploding off when they can’t be contained within himself anymore.

Thankfully for Mob, he has friends and family that care for him, and help him finally embrace all parts of his personality equally, and become free from the shackles he put on himself.


While the anime does follow a trajectory that leads the main character to his emotional maturity, it’d have been great to have some of that oomph found in the previous seasons, and while it does appear towards the end, there’s not enough of the impactful and hyped high-octane action affair.


‘Mob Psycho 100’ season 3 finishes Mob’s arc with warmth and wholesomeness, closing the book on the titular character with a positive ending that will leave them with the same warmth they’ve long come to expect from the anime.

Mob Psycho 100 season 3
Mob Psycho 100 season 3 review: A tender tale of growth and acceptance 1

Director: Takahiro Hasui, Yōhei Shindō, Masamitsu Abe, Naoto Uchida, Katsuya Shigehara, Yūta Kiso, Shinnosuke Itō, Hakuyu Go

Date Created: 2022-10-05 20:30

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