Mo (2022) review: A humorous multicultural delight

Mo is a comedy-drama series about a Palestinian refugee as he struggles to gain citizenship for himself and his family, amidst work, life and a series of unfortunate events. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Mo follows Mo Najjar, a Palestinian refugee living undocumented in Houston for over 22 years, and how he balances his beliefs, work and family values in an environment that constantly restricts his actions.

Mo is a man who constantly faces disappointments from one end or the other, but he does not let that get to him and keeps persevering to provide for his family.

Another central point of conflict is the patriarchal role he feels he has to follow through after his father’s death, which he still hasn’t fully come to terms with.

Mo is also constantly in between jobs, often due to being let off due to his undocumented status amidst frequent ICE raids.

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Mo goes through turbulent times, and a time of great desperation and addiction as he tries to find jobs, and also accelerate the registration process for his family.

The story is emotional, multicultural and hilarious- creating a well-balanced narrative that just glides on screen and makes viewers invested in Mo’s every move.

Even the more stressful scenes have an underlying tone of humorous anecdotes which makes such a socially and politically relevant show more accessible to the general masses.


Mohammed Amer beautifully portrays the emotions and instances that the titular character Mo goes through. He brings humour and feelings to all the scenes, which makes both him and the show a delight to watch.

Tobe Nwigwe as Nick and Teresa Ruiz as Maria also provide engaging performances and add to the development of the plot in their own supportive ways.

The cast is a great mix of fresh and familiar faces, with equally good performances from the main characters.


The narrative is heartfelt yet humorous, and shares ideas without ever being preachy. There is a distinct balance between all the emotions the show goes through, and this is commendable for its approach.

The representation and diversity, not only in the cast, but also in the plot points make for an interesting watch. It brings forth cultural intricacies, and also documents how even the personal can be quite political and universal.

The character of Mo is charming, and his portrayal by Mo Amer is instrumental in making the show work well. Even while juggling work and life, he makes an effort to retain his charm and individuality.


The ending is a bit unsatisfactory, with no sense of clear resolution of what would happen to Mo and his family. While this does raise expectations for another season, the lack of clarity can be off-putting for some.


A definite watch that provides a rollercoaster of emotions and humour in its portrayal and overall narrative. It is vivid in its descriptions, and retains a wholesome edge while juggling serious issues.

Mo (2022) review: A humorous multicultural delight 1

Director: Solvan Naim

Date Created: 2022-08-24 18:32

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