Mismatched season 2 review: Decent sequel that builds on the first season

‘Mismatched’ season 2 resumes the story of Rishi Shekhawat (Rohit Saraf) and Dimple Ahuja (Prajakta Koli), along with their classmates who are all part of an app development course in Rajasthan. The new season is now streaming on Netflix.


Dimple and Rishi are still reeling from their fallout after she accused him of leaking her app and kissing Harsh Agarwal (Vihaan Samat), while Celina Matthews (Muskkaan Jaferi) struggles with her feelings for Namrata Bidasaria (Devyani Shorey).

Krish Katyal (Abhinav Sharma) and Simran Malhotra (Kritika Bharadwaj) continue drifting apart due to the latter’s self-esteem issues. Anmol Malhotra (Taaruk Raina) is forced to take therapy by their teacher, Siddharth Sinha aka Sid (Rannvijay Singha).

Namrata’s life is thrown upside down when her father comes to know that she is a lesbian and sparks begin to fly between Sid and Zeenat Karim (Vidya Malvade)

Rishi meets Sanskriti (Sanjana Sarathy), who is immediately infatuated with him. This further complicates Rishi and Dimple’s relationship. To add to the stress, Rishi’s mother is getting married, bringing tension within his family.

After AntiSosh was leaked at the end of season 1, Dimple and Harsh attempt to track down the culprit, along with pitching a new idea to Sid.

With a lot going on, the farewell approaches. Nandini Nahata, Dimple’s idol, also makes an appearance with the promise of the chance of a lifetime. What does fate hold for the group?


Mismatched’s ensemble cast is one of its biggest strengths. All characters are given enough attention for their arc to be explored.

Saraf and Koli’s chemistry is evident in the second season as well. You’re inevitably rooting for them, even though the characters’ relationship does get toxic at times. Raina is one of the standout performers and his character development feels extremely real.

Samat is convincing as Harsh, who attempts to build a relationship with Dimple. Jaferi and Shorey’s arcs are explored well and feel organic, and their portrayals are noteworthy.

Rannvijay continues to steal the show each time he comes on screen as the ‘cool’ professor, while Malvade convincingly plays his flourishing love interest, although her role is minimal in the second season.

Sharma and Bharadwaj’s performances, as well as characters, are weaker than others and their scenes feel a bit forced and exaggerated.


The show attempts to address a number of issues that the country’s youth faces, and gets a lot of it right. The relatability factor is definitely present.

Whether you’re currently a student, or even someone reminiscing about those days, you will resonate with the series’ themes. The humour is achieved through gen Z and millennial lingo, which adds to the relatability.

With so much going on, the season never drags and viewers who enjoyed season 1 will relish every minute of it.

Namrata’s character is used to highlight the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community and the conclusion to her arc is extremely realistic. No unfounded miracles.

The backdrop of the app development course is explored well and always at the forefront of the narrative, helping freshen up the genre.


Speaking of the genre, ‘Mismatched’ suffers from various romance cliches. Dimple and Rishi’s relationship is a regurgitation of what you’ve seen for decades in romantic films and shows.

Some scenes are too far-fetched to take seriously. In one instance, Celina randomly starts rapping about her struggles and there’s no way such a moment would really pan out this way.

The season concludes in a predictable manner as well. There are no real surprises and you can see it coming from a mile away.


If you’re a fan of the first season, this will feel bigger and better. In terms of treatment, the premise had a lot more scope. That said, the season will definitely find popularity, especially among the younger population.

Mismatched season 2
Mismatched season 2 review: Decent sequel that builds on the first season 1

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