Mirzapur season 3 review: An enticing thriller well worth the wait

Season 3 of Mirzapur revolves around the fight for the throne of Mirzapur and how each contender works toward their goal. The series is streaming on Prime Video.


Guddu and Golu aim to solidify their position at the top of Mirzapur, while Sharad wants to take the position from them.

Madhuri faces opposition as the chief minister but she is adamant in putting forward her initiatives against crime and has to make some tough decisions for that to happen.

Ramakant Pandit wishes to face the consequences of killing Inspector Maurya and turns himself in because he is an honest man.

Mirzapur and the whole of Purvanchal are in a very dangerous state as several factions jostle for power.


Ali Fazal is a strong contender for star of the season as Guddu gets a major focus in this season. Fazal’s turn as a power-hungry Guddu is intense and entertaining.

Shweta Tripathi and Isha Talwar continue to play strong female leads who have very distinct styles.

Anjum Sharma provides an adequate foil for Guddu as a more calculating boss who puts more thought into his actions.

Vijay Verma does a great balancing act as Shatrugan tries to maintain the facade that he is Bharat. Verma switches back and forth with ease and morphs the two brilliantly.


The narrative is well-balanced and the dynamic between the different factions is a thrilling one. There is so much tension and that plays out perfectly.

The violence is quite gruesome but it adds to the quality of the series and isn’t gratuitous. The practical effects are particularly impressive in this aspect.

Despite the long gap between seasons, the season doesn’t rush through the story and gives the audience ample time to take in what’s happening.

There are still certain moments that catch the audience off-guard and these are extremely well written.

The dialogues are colorful and delivered wonderfully by the extremely talented cast.


Despite the great surprises, the series in general remains predictable as the writers use a typical framework that viewers have seen before.

The level of corruption within the government is veering into extreme territory and while this is a fictional series, tying it to reality as much as possible would have been preferred.


Season 3 of Mirzapur stands strong and furthers the violent story with exciting twists and turns. Players trade positions as everyone aims to secure power at the top and the biggest beneficiaries are the viewers.

Mirzapur season 3
Mirzapur season 3 review: An enticing thriller well worth the wait 1

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