Mirror, Mirror (2022) review: Interesting plot with poor execution

Mirror, Mirror is a Spanish film that is set in an alternate reality where individuals can converse with their reflections in the mirror. The film is now streaming on Netflix.


Mirror, Mirror is a film that takes place in an alternate reality where reflections can converse with individuals, and provide insight into their lives and innermost feelings.

The entire narrative takes place over the span of a day and looks at the lives of the main characters that work at a cosmetic company, celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The story sees how they go about their individual lives and problems, and how this fits into the larger and more dynamic area of their shared workspace.

Paula is a bright young woman trying to make her mark in the industry while staying true to her beliefs, and her sibling Cris tries to come to terms with gender and identity. Their boss, Alvaro, attempts to place and understand his mediocrity over the course of his life.

With different internal battles and arguments, the day culminates in a party which ends in a strange twist.

The initial plotline and premise for the film are quite interesting but could have been developed a lot further, with a little bit more emphasis on world-building.

Good ideas also need good execution, and with a little more nuance and work, Mirror, Mirror could have been made more immersive and engaging.


Malena Alterio provides one of the best performances in the film as Cristina. She brings across the emotions of confusion and despair as her character attempts to come to terms with their gender identity.

Santi Millan also succeeds in portraying an unlikeable character that one still feels some sort of sympathy for. Natalia de Molina as Paula also provides a good performance, although it does fall flat in certain areas.


The film addresses important issues like queerness, feminist ideologies, diversity and inclusion in a positive light. It does not shy away from talking about relevant topics and comes forth with valid arguments for the same as well.


The length of the movie could have been longer, as currently, it tries to fit in too many ideas in a short period of time leading to a slightly messy timeline. Extending the plot would have added more details, and made it more interesting to follow.

The jumps between different storylines can be a bit cleaner, and this paired with mildly juvenile writing takes away from the interesting premise that could be developed a bit further.

The ending seems quite disjointed from the rest of the film, and feels almost as if it was added as an afterthought, or merely for shock value. Developing this idea further could have proven to be beneficial as well.


Had it been developed a bit further or if it had a greater level of depth to it, Mirror, Mirror could easily stand out as an intriguing addition to every watchlist but emerges now just as a mediocre, half-baked idea.

Mirror, Mirror
Mirror, Mirror (2022) review: Interesting plot with poor execution 1

Director: Marc Crehuet

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