Meet Cute (2022) review: Messy narrative that fails to impress

Meet Cute is a romantic comedy that follows Sheila and Gary, as they relive the same first date over and over again. The film is now streaming on Peacock.


Meet Cute follows Sheila and Gary as they get talking and the night progresses into a date in which Sheila seems to know much more about Gary than she lets on.

The two part ways after a wonderful date, only for Sheila to tell him that she is a time traveller and that they will meet again the next day.

The dates repeat and it becomes clear that they are reliving the same date over and over again, but they are not quite stuck in a time loop. Rather, Sheila chooses to go back and relive the same date again.

The two get to know each other and relive the same day, eventually coming up to their anniversary as well.

The film explores the meanings of mental health and love as we know them, and the question of how far one would go to keep up a facade of happiness.

It is an interesting plot that could have been developed further to create a more intriguing watch. But as it stands, it is quite a messy narrative with plenty of distracting plot holes.


Kaley Cuoco presents a watchable performance as Sheila and manages to balance the absurdity of the plot as well as the melancholic portrayal of the character’s past and mental health. She tends to over-dramatise certain areas, which is occasionally hard to watch.

Pete Davidson puts forth quite a nondescript performance, with no actual depth to the way his character is portrayed. The couple also does not seem to have any sort of chemistry throughout the movie, and their relationship by the end of it comes off as more platonic than anything else.

Deborah S. Craig steals the spotlight whenever she comes on screen as Jane, and her dry wit comes across as a charming breath of relief.


The film provides an interesting take on previously used tropes, such as the time loop as well as romance tropes. It sticks to the grain for certain parts, but also adds a unique flair that separates the narrative from previous such movies.


Certain parts in the movie don’t make sense and form a few plot holes that are never addressed. The extent to which Gary remembers the interactions is never explored as well, which creates a lot of confusion while watching.

The film also has subpar performances that do nothing to enhance the muddled writing. With no chemistry between the two main characters, the romance aspect also fizzles out.

Sheila’s character could have been developed a bit better, as certain actions feel unnecessary, added in simply to attempt to create character depth.


Meet Cute is not quite the cute watch one would expect, with little to no romance and comedy, and a messy time loop storyline. With subpar acting and a confusing storyline, Meet Cute is not a worthy recommendation for your next movie night.

Meet Cute
Meet Cute (2022) review: Messy narrative that fails to impress 1

Director: Alex Lehmann

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