Mcgregor Forever review: Serves as a glorified recap with little substance

Netflix’s docuseries on the Mr. Notorious of MMA, Mcgregor Forever follows the titular athlete’s last four fights and a tumultuous journey of several ups and many downs.


McGregor Forever begins with the most anticipated fight in UFC history where Conor faces the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov in a battle between two enemies. Two years after his last fight, Conor comes to the arena with the usual Conor-isms dialed up to an eleven.

After a defeat that brings about a drastic change in Conor’s demeanor, he preps for another fight, this time against Donald Cerrone, and emerges victorious. Following that, McGregor’s momentum is struck and brought to a sort of a halt by the COVID-19 pandemic.

After making a statement that the MMA world finds dubious at best, Conor begins his weight-cutting journey leading up to his second fight against Dustin Poirier. The result disappoints Conor and his fans, but he instantly looks for a rematch, which is eventually fixed.

Conor comes for the rematch with a lot of willpower, but when the bout ends with a painful injury, he sets his eyes on the next match the dates of which have yet to be announced.


Due to the thrilling nature of the fights that Mixed Martial Arts proffers, every time the footage of the UFC matches is run, the docuseries comes alive, and all the slo-mo shots and quick highlights definitely breathe the life into the project where other aspects fail to do the same.

It’s really endearing to see the softer sides of Conor McGregor, who’s a top lad when it comes to family, and his time with his kids and partner make for some of the best moments in the docuseries.

Perhaps the best part of the docuseries is the fleeting and rare moments where UFC’s most notorious bad boy expresses his vulnerabilities.


Some of the limitations of the docuseries are just its positives not being sufficient. For example, the moments of McGregor’s vulnerability that the docuseries should arguably have centered itself on are few and far between, which is a bummer since they are some of the more endearing parts that humanize the dazzling star athlete apart from the scenes with his family.

There is an excess of old footage that’s often invoked in place of more recent footage and interviews, and it gets grating quickly when one has to endure the Google image results level of motivational quotes coming straight out of McGregor’s mouth.

There’s also an unnecessary amount of the same praises and descriptions being repeated about Conor, which just makes the whole affair look like one big giant fancam for the titular athlete.


Although adequate with the genuinely great moments, McGregor Forever is largely a letdown that deprives the fans of the titular star athlete and the viewers of the opportunity to get a deeper, better, and more contemplative look at the mixed martial artist.

Mcgregor Forever
Mcgregor Forever review: Serves as a glorified recap with little substance 1

Director: Gotham Chopra, Darragh McCarthy

Date Created: 2023-05-17 12:30

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