Love is Blind: After the Altar season 3 review: Less drama, more closure

In Love is Blind: After the Altar season 3, some of the couples take the next steps after their marriage, while some are giving their love a second chance. The After the Altar episodes are now streaming on Netflix.


A year after the weddings, Alexa and Brennon are happier than ever. They have a big family together and are planning to get pregnant soon.

Colleen and Matt, despite butting heads for the first few months, are together too. The only takeaway is that they are married but not living together, which doesn’t sound right to some of their friends and family members.

Raven and SK are working through a long-distance relationship. Since giving their relationship a second chance after saying no at the altar, SK has once again started feeling that Raven is the one.

Similarly, Nancy and Bartise have also been meeting ever since. They are getting to know each other again and reflecting on what happened during the marriage. Nancy is wondering if there is something beyond this friendship or not.

Zanab has completely moved on from Cole and is extremely single. There is a lot of heat towards Cole for the comments he made and for the behavior he had when he was with Zanab.

Alexa has invited everyone to her birthday party, including Cole. With him around, drama is to be expected, as he will cross paths with Zanab again.


The After the Altar episodes of Love is Blind season 3 are quite positive and full of closures. There is a lot less drama, though the show initially teases that there will be some.

The show captures every side of the story, and the cast members honestly share their opinions during conversations. The cast is to be admired for their maturity and for handling things well.

The episode dedicated to Alexa’s birthday party is glamorous. Everyone dresses up for the occasion. For each cast member’s entrance at Alexa’s party, the camera circles around them and allows the cast to show off their look. The end result of these shots is stunning.


Some of the conversations in these episodes don’t come out as natural. Especially the initial ones from the first After the Altar episode.

Love is Blind should get rid of the misleading intros that tease drama ahead in the show. It’s agreed that every other reality show does this, but the scenes Love is Blind teases to be big turn out to be nothing later in the episode.

Although there is a lot more going on after Kate’s birthday party, it feels like the party was the finale and the one that offered a proper ending. Even the show cannot be blamed in this case, as no one can expect everything to go as planned for a fairy tale finale.


Overall, Love is Blind: After the Altar season 3 sees the cast avoiding drama as much as they can. It is a calm, laid-back watch for its dedicated viewers, which fits the purpose of After the Altar episodes.

Love is Blind After the Altar season 3
Love is Blind: After the Altar season 3 review: Less drama, more closure 1

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