Love, Death & Robots: A must watch

Love, Death & Robots: A must watch 1

In one episode you are watching farmers fight off aliens in exoskeleton suits. In another you see yoghurt taking over the world (yes you read that right). Welcome to the world of Love, Death & Robots. Made as an anthology, Love Death & Robots is set in a mix of steampunk and ultra-futuristic era with inspiration being taken from the current age.

Love, Death & Robots: A must watch 2
Image source: Netflix

David Fincher & Tim Miller along with Blur Studios have taken an adventurous turn by combining short yet intricate storytelling, fantastic visuals and plot hooks which will draw you in from the get-go. Beware though, the episodes leave you wondering whether they will ever put another chapter down this enticing saga.

Each short is set in a new universe with the plot beautifully wrapping itself around the world it has been provided with. The episodes vary in length with an average one running around 10 minutes. The short length leaves you wanting for more although the episodes are full of excitement and do hold up on their own.

Love, Death & Robots released on 15th March and is available on Netflix.

Check out the trailer below and start watching: