Love, Death & Robots vol 3 review: Visually stunning anthology of compelling stories

Love, Death and Robots volume 3 includes a new set of stories as well as one returning group complete with brilliant audio-visual styles. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.


Episode 1 sees 3 robots visit a post-apocalyptic Earth learning about the different ways that humans dealt with the end of days and how faulty their plans were.

Episode 2 follows the crew of a ship that is forced into deciding between saving a large population or saving themselves, and how they reveal their true colours.

In episode 3, an astronaut walks the vast terrain of an uninhabited moon along with the body of her partner only to realize that the land she’s walking on is sentient.

Episode 4 sees a zombie apocalypse raze the Earth bringing an end to all human life.

Episode 5 revolves around a group of soldiers who have to fight off a cybernetic bear that goes on a rampage killing everything in sight.

Episode 6 is about a human scientist who infiltrates an alien swarm ecosystem to gain more knowledge but with sinister ulterior motives

Episode 7 is a story of rats vs machines in an all-out war scenario while a farmer observes it all.

Episode 8 is about a group of soldiers who go into a cave system and find something more than they bargained for.

Episode 9 follows a deaf soldier and a strange woman in the water and the chaos in between.


The different animation styles are brilliant during the season. Each episode has a distinct style that is strikingly good.

Along with the animation, the sound matches up quite perfectly in an amalgamation of magnificent sensory stimulants.

The stories have some thought-provoking messages and don’t shy away from holding a critical mirror that highlights the follies of the human race.

Even the humour is top-notch stuff. The writing is great and deserves tons of credit for making the episodes what they are.


The over-reliance on strobe effects and quick cuts do make some of the episodes a bit of a strain to watch and can be triggering to some audiences.


Volume 3 of Love, Death & Robots is a huge improvement on the previous season and includes some thrilling stories that keep the audience hooked. The short episodes allows for a breezy watch allowing the viewer to get through them in no time whatsoever.

Rating: 4/5

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