Lost Bullet 2 review: A fast-paced, action-packed thriller

Lost Bullet 2 follows Lino as he sets out on a mission to capture the murderers of his mentor and brother. The film is now streaming on Netflix.


Lino, who is mourning the deaths of his mentor and his brother, sets out on a vengeance quest. He finds out that both perpetrators, Areski and Marco, are on the run.

Lino follows Areski’s wife for months, hoping that Areski will make contact at some point, but it all goes in vain.

A year later, he forms a narcotics unit with Julia and embarks on a mission to capture them.

He soon discovers that Marco is alive and is being monitored by the police department without his knowledge.

Moss, the head of the police department, has offered him witness protection while they gather evidence against Areski and other corrupt officers.

Lino feels betrayed when he learns that Marco will be set free without punishment simply for exposing three corrupt police officers, including Alexander Resz.

At that point, a mercenary named Youri and his men, who are searching for Marco under the orders of commander Alexander Resz, enter the police station.

Before they could capture Marco, Lino kidnaps him and decides to deliver him to the Spanish authorities, who are also looking for him.

The cat-and-mouse game begins when Julia and Youri attempt to stop Lino from crossing the border and turning Marco over to Spanish authorities.


The lead actors’ acting performances in this sequel are one of the film’s most notable aspects. Alban Lenoir, who plays the lead character Lino, has done an outstanding job.

The actor fully inhabits the character’s emotions, which include grief and a burning desire for revenge at all costs.

Stéfi Celma as Julia captures all the emotional subtleties of her character. The actress does a wonderful job of portraying Julia’s unwavering love for Lino, and her on-screen chemistry with Lenoir is terrific.

Other supporting actors who exceed expectations in their roles include Sébastien Lalanne as Marco, Pascale Arbillot as Moss, and Quentin D’Hainaut as Youri.


There are numerous adrenaline-pumping car chases, exhilarating action scenes, and stunts in the film that keep the audience entertained until the very end.

This film is extremely tight and fast-paced, with no unnecessary dialogue or scenes that do not advance the story.

The cinematography greatly contributes to the audience’s enjoyment of the scenes.

Several scenes have been captured in an incredibly effective manner, particularly the car chase scene where Julia pursues Lino to prevent him from handing Marco to the Spaniards.

The film skillfully explores the themes of police drama, vengeance, and the mafia’s intricate world. All those who are looking for a game of hide-and-seek between the mafia mole and the undercover cop will be more than satisfied.


There are a number of action scenes that are so long that you get a little tired of watching them after a while. Additionally, the sheer volume of car chase scenes will almost leave you feeling lightheaded.

The film should have focused more on character development and storyline, as it seems underwhelming in comparison to the emphasis on action and vengeance.


Even with a fairly straightforward plot, Lost Bullet 2 is an enthralling and entertaining film that should be on every action thriller fan’s watchlist.

Lost Bullet 2
Lost Bullet 2 review: A fast-paced, action-packed thriller 1

Director: Guillaume Pierret

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