Lockwood & Co. review: Gripping adventures of a quirky trio

Lockwood & Co. follows Lucy, a teenager with the ability to sense ghosts. When she joins a small agency in London, she starts uncovering mysteries and hunting ghosts with her two new friends. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


The Problem changed the world forever. In this new world, ghosts hunt and kill humans after the Sun goes down. Talented teenagers are the only ones who can fight these ghosts, as they have the ability to sense them.

Lucy is one such teenager. She runs away from home without completing her training when a mission at her ghost-hunting agency goes wrong. With nowhere to go, she joins a new and small agency called Lockwood & Co. in London.

Lockwood & Co. comprises two boys, Anthony and George. As Lucy starts living with them, she begins to see them as more than just her colleagues, and the two boys realize the extent of Lucy’s abilities.

When Lucy’s true abilities come to light, Lockwood & Co. get pulled into a world of mysteries, where living humans are, if not more, just as dangerous as the dead. 


The brilliant performances by the whole cast certainly added to the charm of the show.

Ruby Stokes’ performance is commendable. She embraces the character of Lucy completely, and her expressions are always on point. She expresses what is not spoken; there are times when the viewers can clearly see the hope or disappointment in her eyes. 

Cameron Chapman, as Anthony Lockwood, exudes British charm. He is charismatic, and he almost demands the attention of the viewers whenever he is on-screen. Most importantly, he brings out the vulnerabilities and flaws of his character with real finesse.

Ali Hadji-Heshmati, as George, plays the role of an eccentric genuine. It is not the most unique character, but he manages to make it different from so many others like it by adding his personal touch. He makes George unique and endearing.


The viewers can spot the distinct British touch in the show, which would make the fans of writers like C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling nostalgic. Jonathan Stroud’s novels bring action to the streets of London, and the show does not disappoint in depicting that.

The show perfectly balances the thrill of the mystery and the action with a little humor on the side. The suspense, the action scenes, and the jokes are well-timed. Everything comes together, and nothing seems out of place.

It manages to get the viewers invested from the very beginning. Apart from the interesting premise, with not a single dull scene, the show never loses the interest of the viewers.

Some scenes are truly terrifying and will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. If watching teenagers fight dangerous ghosts was not enough, the show also adds a few terrifying adults to the mix to give the viewers a taste of all kinds of horrors.   

The on-screen chemistry between the three main characters seems very natural. The chaotic trio convinces the viewers, without trying too hard, that this is their chosen family, and they make the viewers want to root for them. 


There is not much to dislike about this show. However, viewers might find the ending a bit rushed. There are some scenes that are not given adequate time and attention. There are also questions that will probably be answered only if there is another season.


Lockwood & Co. has all the ingredients needed to make the perfect young adult show — an interesting premise, a great trio, and excellent performances. It should definitely be on your watchlist. 

Lockwood & Co.
Lockwood & Co. review: Gripping adventures of a quirky trio 1

Director: Joe Cornish, William McGregor, Catherine Morshead

Date Created: 2023-01-28 03:11

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