Live is Life (2022) review: Beautiful film about the bonds of friendship

Live is Life is a Spanish movie that crafts the story of four friends who meet after a long time and decide to have a day of adventures. However, their adventures bring them a lot of unexpected events, but they all stick together.


Rodri has just shifted back to his hometown, Galicia, with his family. Upon reaching, Rodri immediately goes to meet his friends Garriga, Maza, Alvaro, and Suso.

The boys decide to spend their Midsummer’s Eve having an adventure in the mountains. Suso tells them about a magic potion that can be made using a magic flower that grows on the hills, only at dawn and on Midsummer’s Eve.

Suso wants to make the potion for his dad, who is in a coma. However, Garriga wants to go to a party his classmate invited him to. But they all agree to go hiking.

But, their simple hiking plan is met with unexpected events that give them trouble but also joy and fulfilment. The friends bond and always stick together. Eventually, they all reach the mountain top and make the potion for Suso’s father.


The cast of Live is Life was good. Although young, everyone had a special thing about them, and they performed great on screen.

Rodri, played by Adrian Baena, was decent and acted pretty well. He had innocence in his face that was well aligned with the on-screen character.

Garriga, played by Javi Casellas, is a personal favorite. His outstanding performance makes the viewer love him in whatever mood he is in. His character itself is cute, and he also proves to be a cute actor.

Alvaro and Maza, the twins, played by Juan Del Pozo and Raul Del Pozo, bring beautiful chemistry on-screen. Perhaps the actual fact of them being twins plays a great role.

Suso, played by David Rodriguez, is yet another great performance. His last scene was beautiful and heartbreaking, and David performed really well.


Not only a beautiful storyline, but the scenes are also amazing. Shot in a hilly region with lakes and curvy roads, Live is Life is a blessing to the eyes and mind.

Clearly following the hero’s journey, Live is Life is a unique story that brings the feeling of togetherness among friends and paints the picture of strengthening bonds. To make things interesting, the added adventures were simplistic and realistic, which further makes Live is Life enjoyable.

A special thing is that every character is explored. We know who is the intelligent one, who is a bit foolish, and who is clumsy, but we fall in love with every one of them. That’s good writing.

The sound design too was particularly beautiful and added to the thrill as well as the emotion of the story. The color palette was constant and very beautiful. 


As Rodri was a primary character, his life needed to be explored more. We really do not know anything much about him except that he is chased by bullies and is not great with his studies. We also know that his family is strict and doesn’t believe in him but we do not get a clear idea about what kind of person he is apart from a great friend.


Live is Life is a worthy watch for kids and adults. Kids have much to learn about friendships from it, and adults can always lay low on a sunny weekend afternoon watching it. Above all, it is a beautiful film, with amazing shots and soothing color grading. The characters are unique and heartwarming.

Rating: 4/5

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