Krishna And His Leela review: Hollow love triangle devoid of novelty

Love arrives as an unexpected wave that can sweep anyone off their feet. However, when love comes in equal proportions from two different people then choosing one between them is a task humans are incapable of. Netflix’s Krishna And His Leela is one such attempt to uphold the importance of choices made in life concerning love and relationships.


Krishna (Siddhu Jonnalagadda) breaks up with Satya (Shradda Srinath), his first love due to minor differences between them and both decide to move on with their respective lives. 

As time passes, Krishna falls head over heels for Radha (Shalini Vadnikatti). He continues his love story with Radha from where he left off with Satya.

Destiny plays a curious game and Satya reenters Krishna’s life. He gets torn between two women and struggles to keep both of them happy as he loves them equally. 

Who wins this love race and how Krishna salvages his love among the two is what Krishna And His Leela is all about.


Siddhu Jonnalagadda as a wavering and confused youngster has good screen presence and delivers a convincing performance.

Shradda Srinath and Shalini Vadnikatti are perfect in their respective roles adding the much-needed depth to the narrative.

As a sidekick to Krishna, Viva Harsha succeeds in infusing some fun. Seerat Kapoor as Rukhsar has performed well in the role of a mature girl with strong ideas about love, marriage, and relationship, as a character who is bereft of any importance.


Sricharan Pakala’s music is the strongest point in this 125-minute love triangle story and his background score is inevitably the lifeline of this film.

Ravikanth Perepu, the upcoming director who made his presence felt with the hit thriller Kshanam, is successful as far as his choice in selecting and writing a story that is quite modern in its outlook.

The important role played by choices in love and relationship is presented quite admirably by Ravikanth in this film.


Love triangles are not new for celluloid and right from the cult film Devdas to My Best Friend’s Wedding, the list continues without any end. Krishna And His Leela is another not-so-necessary addition to this genre. This film suffers from the hangover of all those previous love stories, robbing it from any kind of freshness or efficacy. 

Krishna’s confusion and inner struggle are not elevated enough. His genuine emotions do not come through and dumping his character at crossroads is quite unfair. 

Everything moves on quite mechanically with predictable scenes and sluggish narrative which fails to create any out of the box impression despite an appealing story and good performance by lead actors.

Worth it?

On the whole, Krishna And His Leela is a normal film with nothing special to offer except a few scenes during climax and captivating music. Think twice before choosing to watch this film as choices matter a lot.

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