Kota factory episode 3: An inorganic struggle

Rating: 7.5/10

TVF’s Kota Factory came out with this week’s new episode “Optimisation” giving us an insight to Vaibhav’s developing issues with his landlady and his arch nemesis of a subject- inorganic chemistry.

While the episode starts on a positive note with Vaibhav (played by Mayur More) feeling comfortable with his academics, things take a different turn when he realises he is not as fluent with inorganic chemistry as he thought he was.

Simultaneously we witness his landlady constantly troubling him with threats of increasing his monthly rent for minor errors (some of which he did not even commit).

In an attempt to secure better scores in inorganic chemistry, Vaibhav and friends decide to replace their teacher by unanimously giving him a bad evaluation. This leads to them receiving two replacement teachers back to back with the first teacher being terrible and the second one being an upgrade.

However, Vaibhav still fails to secure the marks he was hoping. Amidst his academic issues and his pestering landlady, the makers of the show manage to convey Vaibhav’s frustration to the audiences.

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Image Source: TVF Play’s website

This leads to a key moment of the episode as Vaibhav breaks out into a long monologic rant about the subject which leads to fellow students relating to his problems. The scene is essential as it might strike a chord with any student who has had or is still facing similar issues with their academics.

Jeetu Bhaiya (Jeetendra Kumar) does not appear throughout till the end of the episode where he helps Vaibhav in overcoming his trouble. While his screen time is fairly limited it is definitely impactful.

The same can be said about Parminder Sir (Jasmeet Singh Bhatia) and Awasthi Sir (Shivankit Singh Parihar) who convincingly portrayed the roles of good and bad teachers respectively with strong dialogue deliveries and persuasive body language.

Overall, TVF has yet again managed to bring forward the everyday struggles of a student that is trying to ace the rat race of getting into IIT.

If you still cannot decide whether you should watch the show, here’s the trailer to help you convince yourself:

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