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Kashmakash review: Darker side of social media

Kashmakash is produced by Anil V Kumar under AVK Productions. This crime drama about social media and drug abuse is now streaming on Hungama Play platform.


Kashmakash is a short web series with 5 episodes of 20 minutes duration with different stories centred on social media and drug abuse.

Jiya (1st episode) is the story of Jiya who suffers from kleptomania because of which she becomes a victim of blackmail. The social media platform on which she is active makes her vulnerable as she hides her disorder from public, resulting in her exploitation by the blackmailer.

Rampur Rocks (2nd episode) is about Pankaj and Guddu. Pankaj, unable to bear humiliation in front of Guddu, spreads fake news and rumours through WhatsApp groups to make himself popular.

Chat Talk (3rd episode) deals with the danger of chat apps which lead to disruption of Indu’s marriage life. How the chats with strangers are misused for selfish gains by some people is the central theme of this episode.

Puff Puff Pass Pass (4th episode) depicts evils of drug abuse which make Kritika’s life miserable and she gets entangled in the drug web which turns fatal.

Hidden Gem (5th episode) is about criminals who take advantage of social media. Celebrity couple Aryan and Romica become victims of criminals who trace their live location which was shared by Aryan on a social media platform with the good intention of reaching out to his fans.


Abigail Pande as Jiya, Sharad Malhotra as Pankaj, Vahbiz Dorabzee as Indu, Lavina Tandon as Kritika and Anjum Fakih as Guddu and Romica, Abhishek Kapur as Parth (the boyfriend of Kritika in Puff Puff Pass Pass) and Aryan have performed well in their respective roles.


The darker side of social media and social networking websites or apps is the predominant feature of this short series. The message which emphasizes the truth that if they are not used wisely with discretion will land any individual into serious trouble is presented effectively.

Even the evil effects of drug abuse are once again highlighted. Creator Anil V Kumar and writers Prakhar Vihan along with Pulkit Rishi need to be appreciated for spreading awareness through Kashmakash.


The thrill factor associated with crime dramas is missing in all episodes. The uniform pattern adopted in narration in all 5 episodes is a big letdown and it fails to sustain curiosity of the audience. The hype created around this series is seriously missing as it’s more like a docudrama of crimes. 

Due to less space and scope, the actors got in these shorter episodes, their acting abilities are underutilized and go unrecognized.

Worth it?

Watch this if you are new to social media or apprehensive about its effect on society as Kashmakash comes out with a strict warning comprising a ringside view of the darker side of social media.

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