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Kark Rogue review: Taut and suspenseful medical thriller

The new crime thriller Kark Rogue which is adapted from a novel by Indranil Sanyal titled Karkat Kranti is a triumph. The show is now streaming on Zee5 in Hindi and Bengali.


Dr Beas Banerjee (Chitragangada Chakraborty) a postmortem and forensic specialist who undergoes Mastectomy (surgery related to Breast cancer) stumbles upon some startling facts that expose dark secrets behind cancer drug trials.

Dr Banerjee ventures further into investigating these deadly trials which claim many lives under suspicious circumstances. She discovers a scam which she is determined to expose to prevent more innocent deaths. How she handles the odds and threats that come in her path and how she succeeds in solving the mysterious deaths is what Kark Rogue is all about.


Chitrangada Chakraborty as Dr Beas Banerjee shoulders the whole series with great maturity and an overwhelming performance. As a cancer survivor and an upright fearless young individual who can go to any extent to find the truth, she dives skin deep into her character with great ease. This is one of her more memorable performances.

Rajesh Sharma comes out with another excellent performance as Ravikant Agarwal who loves his wife a lot and tries every ploy to find out the reason behind her sudden death.

Indraneil Sengupta essays the role of a police officer Barun Sarkar, who has a soft corner for Beas. His character is crucial for the story to cruise towards a logical ending. His performance too is par excellence.

Sudip Sarkar as Saikat who is in relationship with Beas does well in extending the much needed shoulder to lean on for her. There are noteworthy performances from the remaining actors like Jayant Kripalani as Dr Soumitra Sengupta. Each and everyone plays their part to perfection, making Kark Rogue a superb product.


The plot makes this thriller an intriguing watch. It keeps one guessing throughout the series. Initially, it gets a little difficult to connect all the pieces in the puzzle but once they start falling into place, one can expect edge of the seat thrills.

The creators Deepanjan S Chanda and Shamik K Rakshit along with Utsav Mukherjee deserve laurels for devising and effectively rolling out such an effective medical thriller.

The background score by Ralf Denker and Kanishka Sarkar is outstanding and adds more fizz to Kark Rogue.


The cross cutting technique used in editing to enhance the suspense element can cause a little discomfort. One needs to be attentive while watching otherwise the connectivity between scenes can be lost. This is more of a word of caution.

Furthermore, some scenes like that of postmortems can be a difficult watch for people who are not used to the gore.

Worth it?

Undoubtedly, Kark Rogue is one of the best thrillers in recent times. Binge watch this without any hesitation. But be careful if you have weak gag reflex.

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