Kapil Sharma Netflix special review: Largely enjoyable reinvention

Rating 3/5

In Kapil Sharma’s new Netflix special ‘I’m Not Done Yet’, the comedian narrates tales from his life in a never-before-seen avatar.


The special sees Kapil Sharma spilling the beans on his renowned tweets, narrating different stories from his days as a struggler and his experiences with his father.


As someone who isn’t particularly a fan of the ‘Kapil Sharma Show’, the special comes as a pleasant surprise as to what the true extent of the comedian’s potential is.

Devoid of the various restrictions that television places on artists, Sharma is allowed to have a more no-holds-barred approach with his jokes.

The unabashed version of the comedian is breath of fresh air. He even tells the artists who provide sounds in his TV shows to take a break, as they wouldn’t be needed today.

The anecdotes he provides from his life are hilarious at times. This is a much more genuine version of Sharma, which the fans have been bereft of. They are more familiar with his ‘character’ in The Kapil Sharma Show.

You see him taking on the Prime Minister directly with his punchlines, something you would be forgiven to never have expected from TV’s favourite comedian. All the comedy is unfiltered.

The comedy is juxtaposed with deeper thoughts, giving a good mix to make the special more engaging.

There’s also a sense of bravery with what he has tried with his debut on streaming. He already dominated television, and could easily have stuck to his comfort zone.


While the special is largely humorous, there are sudden moments where the punchlines do not land at all. The consistency could have been better.

The mention of his experiences with his father is a tearjerker, but the song dedicated to him at the end is clearly recorded with a hint of autotune. Such an emotional moment required authenticity and it doesn’t exactly hit as hard as it would have if he sung it on his own.


Whether a fan of his TV persona or not, ‘I’m Not Done Yet’ is definitely worth a watch. Who knows, you might find yourself surprised. This is truly Kapil Sharma like you’ve never seen before, in every sense.

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