Jubilee Part 2 review: A worthy end to a riveting season

In Jubilee Part 2, while Jay Khanna struggles to make his place in the Hindi film industry, Madan Kumar must do everything in his power to keep what he has achieved. The second part is now streaming on Prime Video.


When Madan Kumar walks out of Jay Khanna’s film. Jay has no choice but to act in the film himself. He acts and directs at the same time. It is no easy feat, but with Walia’s support, he tries his best to finish Taxi Driver.

Binod, also known as Madan Kumar, is a successful actor now, but he still cannot get rid of the memories of Jamshed’s death and the guilt that follows them. To rest and heal, he takes his family to Mussoorie and works on making a film about his guilt.

While working with Jay, Niloufer develops feelings for him, but even then, she is still determined to make her place in Madan Kumar’s life. Her actions not only end up hurting her but also others around her.

Roy still refuses to make propaganda films, and Sumitra still wants to destroy Binod. They do what is needed to achieve their goals, but they are not the only ones who would do anything to get what they want.

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The reality of these individuals is not as dreamy as their films. They must fight and scheme to protect their own interests because, in real life, not everyone gets their happily ever after.


The performances by the cast were just as impressive in the second part as they were in the first. 

Although Prosenjit Chatterjee did not get as much screen time as he did in the first part, he still managed to leave an impact in the scene where he talks about the purpose of cinema.

Aparshakti Khurana does not get a chance to step out of the role of a placid hero who clawed his way up but is still haunted by his past. His performance makes the audience wish that he was given more opportunities to showcase his talents. 

Sidhant Gupta as Jay Khanna undergoes a change. His character is now a rising star and has to be more mature. Gupta does not have a problem adapting and turning into a man whose dreams have pulled him out of a refugee camp.

Wamiqa Gabbi will make the audience root for Niloufer throughout the show. Gabbi makes Niloufer unique. It is not just because of the script but also because of Gabbi that Niloufer cannot be put into a box.

While Aditi Rao Hydari seems fine when she is plotting to destroy Binod, she fails to portray Sumitra’s determination and emotions like heartbreak in a way that the audience would remember even after the show is over. 

Ram Kapoor gets a lot more screen time than he did in the previous part, and he does not disappoint. Earlier, his character was not very likable, but he changes. Kapoor depicts that change so well that it becomes easy for the audience to like him.


The first part gets the audience invested in the characters, and the second part utilizes that to its advantage. The audience feels all sorts of emotions with the characters, even the giddy feeling of seeing the public enjoy your first project.

The events of the show take place over a span of years. Through the relationship between Raghu and Jay, the audience gets to see the mending of that which was destroyed during the Partition. It is too early to fully recover, but people are ready to look beyond one’s community.

Once again, Jubilee does not just give the audience a story about the golden age of Indian cinema; it gives them an experience of it with songs, sets, and dialogues reminiscent of the films of that time.

The depiction of the conditions of a newly independent India is not as glaring as it was in the first part, but the second part also stays true to its time period; the references to things like the country’s economic state and political issues like state reorganization keep reminding the audience of that time.    


The show has ten episodes in total, and not everyone might appreciate it, as the show dwells on the motives of various characters and pays attention to their romantic relationships for a very long time. The main plot could have been wrapped up in fewer episodes. 


Jubilee Part 2 is as well-made as the first part. It is not just a show; it is an experience in itself, and a beautiful one at that. It is a riveting show that should be on your watchlist.   

Jubilee Part 2
Jubilee Part 2 review: A worthy end to a riveting season 1

Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Date Created: 2023-04-13 22:32

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