Jee Karda review: Predictable yet enjoyable drama

Jee Karda follows a group of friends who stand by each other in good and bad times alike, but like everything in life, their friendship is not perfect either. The series is now streaming on Prime Video.


The year 2022 tests the friendship of a group of childhood friends. It starts when Rishabh gets drunk and proposes to his childhood sweetheart, Lavanya, and an equally drunk Lavanya agrees to marry him, a decision she regrets the next day.

At the same time, Rishabh’s best friend, Arjun, who is a famous Punaji singer, returns from Canada. While Lavanya and Rishabh are driven apart by the pressure of the upcoming wedding and Rishabh’s overbearing parents, Lavanya grows close to Arjun.

Then there are Shahid, who feels like he is not a part of the friend group because he does not come from a rich family like the others, and Sheetal, whose husband refuses to move out of his parents’ house, even though they do not have a room of their own.

Melroy is in a toxic relationship with his closeted boyfriend, and Preet has also not been able to find her perfect match. It is the year when all of them face challenges in their personal lives and are forced to make difficult choices. Will their friendship last, or will they fall apart?


Tamannaah Bhatia plays the role of Lavanya, and while there is nothing extraordinary about her performance in the beginning, the audience gets to see her perform well when her character is burdened with guilt and regret in the last few episodes. 

Aashim Gulati, as Arjun, definitely gives the impression that he is a star. It is very evident that his character changes and loses his enthusiasm as the plot progresses, but his screen presence remains strong throughout the show. 

Anya Singh, as Preet, seems like the girl next door who is quite charismatic and likable. Hussain Dalal is also convincing as Shahid; he will make the audience feel for him. 

Suhail Nayyar, Sayan Banerjee, and Samvedna Suwalka give adequate performances, but in a show with a cast as big as this one, they do not stand out.


In Jee Karda, the past is explored alongside the present to show how the group’s shared past contributed to their present relationship. Furthermore, the cinematography and the direction add a touch of nostalgia, simplicity, and innocence to the past, which is in contrast to the complexities of the present. 

The concept of space is quite interesting in the show. The need for space is felt literally, in Sheetal’s case and sometimes even in Shahid’s, and figuratively, in terms of Shahid not finding a place for himself in the group. This lack of space is suffocating, and that makes the audience understand the characters better.

The problems faced by the characters in their urban lives are as real as they get. Fortunately, their problems and conflicts are rooted in reality; they are not insignificant and unrelatable. 

The music in the show certainly makes some scenes better in terms of leaving a greater impact on the audience and creating the right atmosphere.


While the friendship of some characters will seem special, the chemistry of the group as a whole is not as good as it should have been. Due to this, their friendship does not seem remarkable as the script intended.

After the first few episodes, the show’s plot becomes quite predictable. The depiction of imperfect friendships is unique, but the same cannot be said about the plotline. It is as if the show tried to make its ending unpredictable, but that just made it seem incomplete.  


Jee Karda is an entertaining show, even though its plot is predictable and not very unique. If the audience chooses to watch it, they will definitely not be bored.

Jee Karda
Jee Karda review: Predictable yet enjoyable drama 1

Director: Arunima Sharma

Date Created: 2023-06-13 23:57

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