Jamtara season 2 review: Engrossing narratives complemented by gritty characters

Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega season 2 focuses on the home of phishing scammers once again as Gudiya stands in the elections against Brajesh and Sunny comes up with new ways to scam people. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.


Jamtara has become the hub for phishing scams in India and the people there are practically untouchable as long as they give a cut to Brajesh Bhaan. Gudiya is thrown in jail because of his allegations and influence but when things change quite rapidly.

Brajesh’s aunt, Ganga Devi is also a politician who wishes to unseat him in Jamtara. She is impressed with Gudiya’s cleverness and convinces her to run against him in the election.

Brajesh gets a new golden goose in the form of Rinku Mondal, a scammer who goes above and beyond and secures vast amounts from high value targets. Rinku eventually feels the pressure and gets himself caught while trying to run away.

Sunny is left disabled after getting shot but that doesn’t stop him from finding new ways to con people and he accomplishes it with the help of school students.

Things get heated as Gudiya, Sunny and Rocky try to take down Brajesh in any way that they can.


There are captivating performances from the majority of the cast this season. Amit Sial is brilliant as the main antagonist who constantly seems to have the upper hand until he doesn’t. Sial brings menace and cunning to the role.

Sparsh Shrivastav does wonderfully as Sunny, who is determined to get back at the person that left him physically disabled. The way he portrays a rough around edges character with street smarts is amazing.

Monika Panwar does a great job as Gudiya, who has to deal with the threat of Brajesh while coming to terms with the fact that she has sold her soul to Ganga Devi. Panwar comes across as quiet and meek yet intelligent and capable of standing up for herself.

Ravi Chahal and Seema Pahwa are the new additions to the cast and they each bring a distinct quality to the narrative that makes the series all the more enjoyable.

The supporting members of the cast are similarly entertaining including Anshumaan Pushkar, Dibyendu Bhattacharya and Aksha Pardasany among others.


The story of Jamtara season 2 moves at a lively pace and is quite easy to binge. Easy to follow and equally absorbing makes it one of the better offerings on Netflix in recent times.

The characters are extremely well written as almost all of them have clear and understandable motivations for what they’re doing. There is development in certain characters while others stick to what works for them.

The entire series is shot extremely well, capturing the essence of a village like Jamtara and the different people that live there. The fact that everyone is aware and supportive of the phishing culture says something about group mentality and greed out of necessity.

The script is engaging as well. The various metaphors mesh well with the vulgarity of speech that is par for many of the main characters. There are several lines that make the viewer react with a smirk or chuckle.


One of the major issues of season 2 of Jamtara is how it has highlighted the benefits of phishing and corruption. There are very few consequences for the worst characters and even the good ones are morally grey at best.

The fact that an entire election is won by buying votes is distressing to watch, only because of how very real the possibility of that happening is.


Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega season 2 is an enthralling set of episodes that displays mature themes and a significant understanding of public mentality when they are forced into certain situations.

The reliance on scams is certainly pushed to the brink and the failure of the system to take them on is a worrying showcase of bigger issues in society but all that just adds to the palpable nature of the series.

Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega season 2
Jamtara season 2 review: Engrossing narratives complemented by gritty characters 1

Director: Soumendra Padhi

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