j-hope IN THE BOX review: Energetic, intimate look at artistic process

j-hope IN THE BOX follows the musical artist as he delves into and shares every minute detail that goes into the making of his latest album, performances, and promotion. The film is streaming on Disney+.


J-Hope takes the viewers behind the scenes of his latest album, a solo musical effort outside of the immensely successful band that he’s a part of.

The documentary sees the artist talk and plan with his team, the several aspects of his process as well as his intentions with his solo debut album, talking about the frame of mind and viewpoint that have led him to take this unique approach and a significant artistic leap.

The documentary then delves into the arduous process as J-Hope makes music in his studio while contemplating the hard work that goes into it and why he is so determined to keep it that way.

Thereafter, the artist meets his friends and shows them, along with many others, his work at a live listening party. Following the feedback on the album’s first, listen, it’s time for the artist to step onto the stage and shake a leg, flex a chord, as he headlines Lollapalooza and woos the fans.

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A play on words and a direct metaphor for the Jack-in-the-box toy, J-Hope In The Box is a commendable effort by the titular artist that allows him to articulate his thought process behind the why and what.

It also allows J-Hope to really be vulnerable and open about his intentions, aspirations, and motivations that drive him to work hard and perfect the product he wishes to give to his fans.

The editing in the documentary really helps lend it all a frenetic and creative fervor, something that’s really in tune with the creativity and raw energy that J-Hope brings to his solo album Jack In The Box.

The documentary also helps articulate J-Hope’s thoughts about the place he’s in currently in his life, which according to him is inside a box — something he believes didn’t change even after he released his first mixtape.

His album, therefore, acts as the opening of Pandora’s box and shows his mature side, which he admits doesn’t deride, negate, or disregard his identity associated with BTS.


j-hope IN THE BOX suffers from an attenuating pace in the middle, in spite of the numbers from the artist’s album that he performs on. While it makes some creative editing choices at the beginning, the creative chops only become rare as it goes on and the affair is a bit too feeble to engage the audience properly.


j-hope IN THE BOX is a documentary that’s deftly made, albeit with constant waning energy. It manages to take the audience behind the curtains, showing the tinkering, planning, and ideating that goes into J-Hope’s solo album debut with great detail and intimacy.

J-Hope In The Box
j-hope IN THE BOX review: Energetic, intimate look at artistic process 1

Director: Junsoo Park

Date Created: 2023-02-17 12:30

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