Island of the Sea Wolves review: Nature’s bounty captured in splendid glory

Island of the Sea Wolves is a docu-series that follows the different species of animals that inhabit Vancouver Island and its surroundings. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Vancouver Island is filled with various species scrapping and scavenging for food and safe shelter with the primary goal of survival. Cedar is a young pregnant female sea wolf, who is shunned from her pack in favour of the alpha female, Dagger.

She has to find a way to survive on her own until her pups are born and she’s brought back into the fold. There’s also Spiro and Misty, a pair of bald eagles getting ready to mate and take care of their soon-to-arrive hatchlings.

The mother-daughter duo of sea otters, Skye and Rocky, get through the seasons as Skye takes care of Rocky and teaches him how to fend for himself in the eventuality of him setting out on his own.

Through the course of spring, summer and fall, the journey of some black bears, marmots and the different marine life is also chronicled as the circle of life continues and balance is maintained.

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The series is visually spectacular as the intricacies of nature are captured in stunning shots of the animals going about their lives. From the rearing of the young to facing perilous danger, every moment draws in the audience thanks to the drama involved.

The script is wonderfully written. The animals are given names to forge an investment amongst the viewers and it succeeds in that aspect. The story of these creatures is explained clearly and concisely without overcomplicating things. There are moments of humour to lighten the mood, while more serious moments are described with suitable gravity.

Will Arnett is a brilliant choice as the narrator due to the specific depth and timbre of his voice. His experience with voice-acting makes him an appropriate choice as he lends an air of profoundness to the script.

Island of the Sea Wolves has a consistently majestic background score that covers all the bases when it comes to the tone of the series. Pleasant scenarios carry out to the backdrop of some playful tunes while more intense music lets the audience know the increased stakes in the situation.


While the wonders of this beautiful island are showcased so well, not enough is said about the threat it faces from human greed. The series is meant to educate the viewers about the island but it only sticks to the perils of nature and not the real major threat to the island.


Island of the Sea Wolves is a fantastic nature docu-series that follows the different species of land and marine life across three different seasons and how each one of them contributes to the continued survival of the ecosystem.

The narration by Will Arnett adds a layer of attachment to the animals and raises their profile in the eyes of the audience. While there is not enough urgency drawn towards the threat of human encroachment, the series does a great job of displaying the true beauty of nature.

Island of the Sea Wolves
Island of the Sea Wolves review: Nature's bounty captured in splendid glory 1

Director: Jeff Turner, Chelsea Turner

Date Created: 2022-10-11 12:30

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