Infamy (2023) review: Culturally rich series gradually snowballs into something good

Infamy (2023) follows Gita, a Romani girl with a passion for music who has to break cultural tradition to follow her dreams. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Gita is an aspiring rapper who is being held back by archaic Romani traditions and her father’s gambling debts. To pay them off, they agree to marry her off in a business deal without asking her.

Gita is unapologetic and has a strong personality. She isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and openly rebels against traditions, making her a pariah in her own family.

She falls in love, experiences heartbreak, makes new friends, and faces discrimination because of what she is. All of this serves as inspiration for her music as she perseveres to follow her dream.


Zofia Jastrzębska is very convincing as the rebellious Gita, who struggles with the weight of emotions that she goes through. Jastrzębska’s performance is authentic and filled with true emotion.

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Magdalena Czerwińska and Sebastian Lach play Gita’s parents, and they are wildly different personalities that complement each other well. Each of them brings a different quality to the table with their acting.

Kamil Piotrowski gives an earnest performance as Tagar, even though there are aspects of it that don’t always impress. His character does serve as a significant plot point and Piotrowski deserves some credit for that.


The depiction of Romani culture, good and bad alike, is extensive and eye-opening. The terrible treatment they face in public is rightly showcased in the series to raise awareness of their plight.

Music is a huge part of the series and the score is magnificent. The tracks that are featured are of a wide range with different cultures and genres being demonstrated.

Even the visual aspect of the series, such as the locations where the series is shot, and the costumes that are exhibited are eye-catching.


The first half of the series is over-stuffed and drags along at an excruciating pace. It is unclear what the series is going for and the editing doesn’t help.

The pacing of the episodes is all over the place and make it a tough viewing experience for audiences. Getting through the entire thing is quite tough.


Infamy (2023) is a vibrant series about culture and tradition and how they sometimes clash with modern ideals thanks to their archaic roots. The messaging is wonderfully noble but it takes a while to truly settle down with the first couple of episodes meandering like a drug trip which makes it hard to focus on.

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Director: Anna Maliszewska

Date Created: 2023-09-06 12:30

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