Indian Matchmaking season 3 review: Still the same, for better or worse

In the third season of Indian Matchmaking, Sima Taparia continues meeting clients, some old and some new, to help them find partners according to their preferences. The third season is now streaming on Netflix.


In London, Sima meets Priya, a woman who has been divorced once but is ready to find love again. Bobby, a math teacher, also lives in London and aims to not get friend-zoned on the first date.

Rushali is from New Delhi and is looking for a partner who would value her parents just as much as she values them. Pavneet, also from New Delhi, meets Tushar through Sima. As much as their first date was enjoyable, the events after that are just as disappointing. 

In California, a client named Vikash has a long list of qualities that he wants in his partner. Then there is Arti from Miami, who fails to connect with the men Sima chooses for her.

Viral and Aashay from the last season are still together and happy with each other; Viral even goes to India to meet Aashay’s parents. Similarly, Shital found a partner who makes her happy, just not through Sima.


Sima’s one-liners continue to be hilarious and entertaining. For instance, when she thinks a client is being too fussy, she says, “Just because the matches are made in heaven does not mean that you will get every single thing you want.”

The checklists of some of the clients paint a realistic picture of the Indian marriage mart. If these educated people living in urban areas have not let go of factors like caste, one can imagine how regressive the whole system is. 


Despite the criticism it has received over the years, the show continues to be problematic. Sima’s prejudices and unwillingness to understand the needs of her clients are perhaps one of the reasons why successful matches are so rare on the show.

It is a show about finding an ideal partner, and it constantly promotes the idea of arranged marriages, but when people on the show, who failed to find a match through Sima, end up finding it via dating apps, it makes one think if the show is even needed at this point.

There are conversations in the show that seem too rehearsed to be natural, and even then, they seem unnecessary and dull. The show could have done without these conversations.

The third season offers nothing new; audiences who have watched the last two seasons might also lose interest. There are also card readers and face readers, but even the mystery attached to their professions fails to make the show interesting.


The third season of Indian Matchmaking is the same as the last two seasons but with new faces. If the loyal fans of the show do not get bored of watching unsuccessful matches, they can make this season also their guilty pleasure.

Indian Matchmaking season 3
Indian Matchmaking season 3 review: Still the same, for better or worse 1

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