I Want You Back review: A cliche, predictable rom-com

Rating: 2.5/5

Peter and Emma are heartbroken after their partners break up with them. They decide to help each other in getting back with them. Will they succeed?


Peter and Emma are heartbroken after their partners Anne and Noah break up with them.

They immediately form a great bond by sharing their pain with each other and spending more time together.

After finding out that their partners are happy with their new partners and have moved on already, they create a master plan to break up the new couples and get their partners back.

Emma decides to seduce Logan, Anne’s boyfriend to get her back together with Peter, while Peter befriends Noah to convince him to get back with Emma.

Things start to spiral when they are caught in the web of their lies. Will their plan be fruitful or will it ruin everything?


Charlie Day, as always, performs exceptionally well and fits in his role. His acting makes watching this movie worthwhile and several of his expressions and scenes make you laugh out loud.

Jenny Slate is amazing in her role and does a great job in portraying all scenes nicely. Her character seems relatable and binds the viewers emotionally.

Scott Eastwood, Gina Rodriguez and Manny Jacinto also do a good job and play an important role in taking the story ahead. Despite less screen time, these three manage to make the most of it and deliver.


Despite being a cliche rom-com story, the movie is adequately executred. The characters are relatable and some scenes are comedic golds.

The movie talks about an important lesson that ‘sometimes we just stick to some of our relationships just because we don’t want to start with the whole process again, but if we accept and love ourselves, the things will fall into place automatically.’ and presents it beautifully.

The chemistry between all the actors is perfect and keeps the viewers engaged. The movie takes a few turns at several points of the story, leading the viewers to keep guessing the ending.


The story is very predictable and cliche and the behavior of Peter and Emma is very weird and toxic towards their exes, which is not acceptable at all in the real world.

The characters are not very likeable and lack depth. Along with this, some aspects of the story are just beyond anything believable. Is it really that easy to lie and volunteer at a school for a job? Just like Emma does to get closer to Logan. 

The movie, even after taking 2 hours to cover its story, ends up going with a conventional incomplete and rushed ending and wastes time on side plots which don’t even matter, leaving the viewers unsatisfied.

Worth it?

If you are a fan of light-hearted cliche rom coms, this movie will perfectly suit your taste and will be worth watching, but if you are someone who loves documentaries or logically sound movies, you might want to skip this one.

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