I Came By review: Dark, thrilling but lacks layers

I Came By revolves around two graffiti artists who steal from the wealthy. But a dark secret one of them stumbles upon puts them and everybody close to them in danger. The thriller film is now streaming on Netflix.


Toby (George Mackay) and Jameel aka Jay (Percelle Ascott) are ‘I Came By Taggers’. They steal from the affluent and leave a graffiti mark that says ‘I Came By’ at all scenes of their crimes.

However, their relationship deteriorates when Jay decides to discontinue this to be there for his lover, Naz (Varadu Sethu), who is pregnant.

Feeling ‘betrayed’ by this decision, Toby chooses to go after the next target alone; the former judge Sir Hector Blake (Hugh Bonneville).

After breaking into his house, Toby finds pictures that suggest Hector Blake is harbouring some dark secrets.

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He attempts to get help from the police and Jay, but nothing works. He chooses to break in again to uncover the truth once and for all, resulting in a downward spiral for him and everybody close to him.


Hugh Bonneville carries the entire film with his fantastic portrayal of the psychopathic killer Hector Blake. He turns from civilised to twisted in the blink of an eye.

George Mackay and Percelle Ascott are decent with the screen time they have. While Mackay is the subject of the first act of the film, Ascott is the hero of the final act.

Kelly Macdonald, as Toby’s mother Lizzie, does justice to her character as the worried mother desperately seeking answers about her son.


The twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat and elevate it above the majority of below-average thrillers out there.

While the narrative isn’t anything new, the deaths and revelations have the element of surprise and the film definitely isn’t predictable.

The runtime is perfectly aligned with the pace of the film, never letting it drag for even a moment. There’s something happening constantly and it keeps you engaged.


Although the film starts out as a veiled attack against the rich and the establishment, the treatment isn’t nuanced enough and the killer is the only part that stands out. There are no political layers that the film suggests to the viewers.

The ‘I Came By’ graffiti element had a lot of potential but is ultimately barely in the film. The attempt to portray rebellion against authorities is half-baked at best and reduced to just Hector Blake using his connections with the police.


I Came By is easily one of the better thrillers on streaming. If you’re looking for an engaging watch, this will appeal to you. But it’s no revolutionary thriller by any means.

I Came By
I Came By review: Dark, thrilling but lacks layers 1

Director: Babak Anvari

Date Created: 2022-08-31 17:15

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