Hush Hush (2022) review: A binge-worthy crime thriller, but overtly far fetched

Hush Hush (2022) follows four upper-class women entangled in a dark crime saga that changes their lives forever. The series is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


Ishi Sangamitra, a well-known Haryana lobbyist, gets exposed to corruption on national television.

She resides in La Opulenza, a high-society conclave, with her three best friends: former journalist Saiba, fashion designer Zaira Sheikh, and housewife Dolly Dalal.

One night, Ishi’s friends see her leave a party arguing with a man. They pursue her and discover that he is trying to kill her.

Dolly fires a gun in an attempt to save Ishi, but in turn, kills the unknown man.

Zaira and Ishi dump the body in a nearby pond, and then Ishi persuades them to go home, promising to take care of everything. The next day, however, Ishi is discovered dead in her penthouse.

Although the investigators paint a particular picture of her demise, it remains unclear if Ishi was killed or if she committed suicide.

Meanwhile, Geeta Tehlan, a fierce officer, takes up the puzzle pieces and tries to solve the crime. Meera Yadav, a childhood friend who runs an orphanage, was one of the last people to meet Ishi.

As the investigation proceeds, Ishi’s friends are in for a big shock as skeletons tumble out of her closet.

Ishi, they knew, seemed to have a lot of secrets. Was she a fraud, a mystery, a rebel, or a prey to the corrupt system of hypocrites?

The plot becomes more complex and offers different perspectives on a horrible crime as the inquiry moves forward and the noose closes around the perpetrators.


Juhi Chawla’s performance as Ishi is a treat to watch because it’s so different from the roles she usually plays.

Although the actress is best known for her lighthearted performances, she was perfect as the tough, fiercely independent, and compassionate Ishi.

Karishma Tanna, who plays Geeta with a faltering Haryanvi accent, stands out as a fierce cop, but more significantly, she shines as a caring but occasionally frustrated lover.

With her strong and subtle performance, Kritika Kamra, who plays Dolly, appears to have reinvented herself as a disgruntled daughter-in-law in a dysfunctional marriage.

Other key characters, like Soha Ali Khan as Saiba, Shahana Goswami as Zaira, and Ayesha Jhulka as Meera, surpassed expectations and gave their best.

Not only are the female leads impressive, but so are their male equivalents in supporting roles, such as Nitish Kapoor as Aditya and Chaitanya Choudhry as Ranveer.


The mystery lures the audience in, and to enhance their enjoyment of the drama, the journey of the characters and the conflicts that surround them keep the audience interested till the very end.

The first season’s overarching themes of LGBT, child abuse, marital relationships, women’s empowerment, and toxic patriarchy are particularly apparent.

The narrative revolves around these societal themes extremely and effectively. In addition, the cinematography and music are mesmerizingly stunning.

There are unexpected twists and turns around every corner, and the storyline explores many issues that are generally kept buried in everyday life.

The lies and betrayals that friends can sometimes commit, as well as the cover-ups that follow, eventually peel away the hypocrisy and ugliness of an affluent community.


The continual transition between the past and present is unsettling.

The plot unfolds at a glacial pace, the characters’ motives are unclear, and there are numerous superfluous sequences.

This is one of those series that was let down by a flawed script, and it failed to live up to its full potential.

Towards the end, the climax is a cliffhanger that feels forced because the plot has already been resolved.


The highlight of the series is undoubtedly a female-oriented storyline with a terrific cast. However, they purposefully left the story dangling in order to make another season, which was not at all necessary.

Nevertheless, Hush Hush (2022) as a series has many twists and turns that are steadily created in each episode to please the audience.

Hush Hush
Hush Hush (2022) review: A binge-worthy crime thriller, but overtly far fetched 1

Director: Tanuja Chandra. Kopal Naithani and Ashish Pandey

Date Created: 2022-09-22 00:00

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