How to Ruin Christmas season 3 review: Unexceptional holiday series with many shenanigans

Season 3 of How to Ruin Christmas revolves around the Sellos and the Twalas as they gather around Christmas yet again, this time for Beauty’s baby shower. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.


Beauty and Sbu are expecting a child and they have a baby shower close to Christmas day organized by Valencia and Dineo. Beauty is stressed while Sbu is extremely nervous.

A woman named Zama shows up and her appearance sends Vusi into a state of worry. Themba is trying to get his father’s recognition because he feels like he’s being ignored.

Siya is trying to connect with his brother and Shadrock and Grace are standing by Dineo for support as she gets more and more unbearable.

The families get together for yet another turbulent time around Christmas that tests their patience and familial bonds but they emerge on the other side with stronger unions.


The majority of the main cast returns with the exception of the late Busisiwe Lurayi who passed away earlier in the year. They give pleasant and humourous performances.

Thando Thabethe is great as the pregnant Beauty who has to deal with the craziness of her family and Sandile Mahlangu is good foil for her as Sbu.

Clementine Mosimane and Charmaine Mtinta play the warring mothers, Dineo and Valenicia and their dynamic is brilliant as Mosimane and Mtinta shine on screen.

Denise Zimba-Schlitig is a fun addition to the cast as she brings an eccentric presence as Zama that influencer. She is present for many key moments and also has a softer side.

Saint Seseli, Motlatsi Mafatshe, Swankie Mafoko, Desmond Dube and Rami Chuene are funny and excel as the support in this season.


The landscapes and the sets where most of the series is shot are so majestic. The expansive plans of Africa and even the grandiose houses and locations in Jo’burg are wonderful too. The costumes are extremely vibrant as well.

The story has a good spine about family sticking together and everyone plays their part in putting across that message. There is good humour and heartwarming emotional moments of love too.


The series isn’t truly engaging and follows roughly the same pattern each season with the characters converging for Christmas as trouble ensues and this season isn’t all that different.

Some of the jokes can be a little crass and the characters aren’t exactly the best creations as there are definitely moments where they are very much unlikable.


How to Ruin Christmas season 3 is a fun holiday themed series with some enjoyable moments and at 3 episodes, an easy viewing experience but it is not a series that knocks it out of park. It is more of a casual watch.

How to Ruin Christmas season 3
How to Ruin Christmas season 3 review: Unexceptional holiday series with many shenanigans 1

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