How To Deal With a Heartbreak review: Bittersweet drama lives up to its title

In How To Deal With a Heartbreak, María Fe struggles to finish her second book, which is later shaped by the unlikely events that transpire in her life. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


María Fe, also known as MaFe, has been very busy with her social media handle. It’s been three years since she released her first book, and she is still working on the second one.

After hearing how her friends, Caro and Tali, are taking bigger steps in life, María Fe realizes that she should also get serious. Hence, she returns to Lima to finish the second book, which will be dedicated to her motivating father, Fernando.

Challenges arise as María Fe’s agent demands the book within three months so that they can launch it at the book fair. If María Fe loses this chance, she will have to wait another year.

At a time like this, a tragedy strikes, making María Fe’s life and job more difficult. With her friends by her side, María Fe navigates through these tough times in order to get her life back on track.

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Gisela Ponce de León, as María Fe, expresses the insecurity her character has at the most unnoticeable moments. One can see how María Fe feels left behind when she hears her friends’ big plans for life.

Moving on, Gisela Ponce de León carries her character through the grief and various methods María Fe uses to get back into writing. Gisela is completely deprived of energy when required and completely crazy when María Fe wants to be.

What further pushes Gisela Ponce de León’s performance is her chemistry with Karina Jordán, who plays Tali, and Jely Reátegui, who plays Caro.


How To Deal With a Heartbreak hardly has an important conflict going on. Even if there is, if the viewers take the plot around the second book, the film is clearly more of a guide on how to get over a heartbreak. It manages to show that through María Fe’s story. Hence, it lives up to its title.

The viewers are not in for a compelling plot that has twists and turns. They will be rather peeking into the lives of María Fe, Tali, and Caro and watching them make mistakes, own up, and figure out what’s best for them in their 30s.

The film is overall sweet, thanks to the writing that makes the friendship of María Fe, Tali, and Caro feel relatable and convincing, not cringe-worthy.

Even the dialogue is smooth, simple, and effective. The scene of María Fe expressing her fear hits the right chords with the simplest story and words.


How To Deal With a Heartbreak can feel formulaic, considering there are no big twists involved and it tries to be a sweet rom-com. Also, the film could have explored Tali and Caro’s subplots in more depth. They felt compelling and had something to look forward to.


How To Deal With a Heartbreak manages to establish itself as a guide through María Fe’s story. The film is amusing, and even with its plain writing, it can make a viewer emotional. The chemistry the lead actors share will easily grab the attention of viewers.

How To Deal With a Heartbreak
How To Deal With a Heartbreak review: Bittersweet drama lives up to its title 1

Director: Joanna Lombardi

Date Created: 2023-09-22 12:30

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