Hold Tight (2022) review: An absorbing look into suburban life in Warsaw

Hold Tight is a mystery drama mini-series about a boy who feels guilt for the death of his best friend and the underlying trouble that caused all of it in the first place. It is an adaptation of a Harlan Coben novel of the same name.


Anna is extremely worried about her son and is becoming a little too overbearing despite advice from her husband. Her son, Adam, is mourning the death of his best friend from an accidental overdose.

Adam is behaving strangely though, pushing away from his parents and generally exhibiting a cold demeanour. He also looks to know more about his friend’s death than what appeared. He disappears soon after with everyone he cares for looking for him.

Janusz’s daughter is being bullied in school because of a joke a teacher made. That same teacher is being blackmailed with an uncompromising video by someone anonymous. He enlists the help of an old army buddy and his partner to find out who has been threatening him.

The police have to deal the disappearance of multiple teens and the murder of two women while the CBI have been investigating a rise in illegal drug trade in the area with Anna being a subject because of what her son and his friends were involved in.

Anna and her husband do everything they can to find their son and realize that he got into some real trouble.


Magdalena Boczarska and Leszek Lichota complement each other well as the concerned parents with differing approaches. The mother is the paranoid parent who won’t stop while the father tries to be the calming influence and voice of reason.

Most of the other supporting cast members get minimal moments to really spread their wings but many of them put in good performances to round out the series.


The background score plays a huge role in building up the intensity and emotions of any particular scene. The Polish original songs used fit perfectly for the kind of message the series was trying to convey.

The muted architecture and landscapes of Warsaw were captured perfectly throughout each episode. The staggerred teens hanging out in shady locations or the housing colonies that look so grim yet classy were of great value

The mystery unravels at a steady pace that doesn’t feel rushed. There are dull moments but not enough to take away from the overall intriguing story.


The subplot of Anna being raped and Adam being the child of that rape felt unnecessary. It only creates a momentary conflict between husband and wife that resolved soon after, having no real bearing on the story.

The idea that there was very little constructive communication between all the different parties was at times frustrating. While it is a realistic mindset, the fact that so many issues the teens face could have been handled better if they spoke to the adults about it cannot be overlooked.


At just 6 episodes, ‘Hold Tight’ is brisk mystery that is solved in at a convenient pace for the audience. The production value is great and the story keeps the audience interested while not necessarily having much else to boast about.

Rating: 3/5

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