Harry & Meghan vol. 2 review: Some emotionally touching moments but mostly bland

Volume 2 of Harry & Meghan is split into three episodes focusing on their wedding, the immediate years following that and the first few years of their life in the United States. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.


The second volume of ‘Harry & Meghan’ chronicles the feelings of the couple on their wedding day and how Meghan was so in awe of the attention that the event received from the public.

However, that happy moment didn’t last long as, in the proceeding years, they faced a lot of issues and negative coverage in the media simply because their way of doing things was different which made them more popular in the eyes of the public.

This development was allegedly not well received inside the royal palace and that led to a coordinated effort by the associated press to harm Meghan’s image, forcing them to eventually take the major decision of stepping back from their royal duties.

Even after moving to America, it took a few years before the Duke and Duchess felt a sense of peace and believed that they were at home and truly where they belonged.


Harry and Meghan come across as totally authentic and endearing when they’re talking about all that they went through and the various recordings of them living normal lives away from the royal scrutiny. It adds that element of reliability to their journey.

The volume is laid out well over the three episodes as it documents their wedding, their time as royals and then life outside the constraints of the institution.

Laying out the diabolical nature of the associated press and a very clear two-faced approach when reporting on Meghan throughout her time at the palace and even after is very eye-opening and incites strong feelings from the viewer about what she had to deal with.


There is an imbalance in tone throughout as the shift from the happy times of the wedding to the turbulent media attention is almost comical as the score turns to something serious and the press is made to look cartoonishly evil rather than a fundamentally corrupt organization.

While the heartwarming moments of the family living their life and bearing their souls in this manner are quite poignant, they account for a small percentage while the rest of the content is quite tedious.


Harry & Meghan Vol. 2 performs similarly to the first 3 episodes with the titular couple appearing as normal human beings just like the rest of us as they explain their hardships and the steps they took to safeguard themselves from the dire situation that they found themselves in.

Overall, the series definitely has some key talking points and is a wonderful story of their love but it’s not groundbreaking content.

Harry & Meghan Volume 2
Harry & Meghan vol. 2 review: Some emotionally touching moments but mostly bland 1

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