Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special review: Full of chaos and fun

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special is a new special episode for the titular animated series and follows Harley’s (Kaley Cuoco) efforts to curate the perfect February 14th for her girlfriend, Poison Ivy (Lake Bell). However, a powerful magic spell later, chaos ensues across Gotham City. It is now streaming on HBO Max.


It is the couple’s first Valentine’s Day and Harley is obsessed with making it the perfect one for her girlfriend, Poison Ivy. After a low-key dinner at Ivy’s favorite restaurant and a slight adventure, she is elated but calls it great instead of “The best”.

Harley steals Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and finds out that her Valentine’s plan was in Ivy’s top 3, but it wasn’t her numero uno. Determined to make it better, Harley purchases a sex spell from Etrigan to make her girlfriend have an amazing time in bed.

Ivy experiences a brilliant orgasm, but her pheromones spread all across Gotham, sexually arousing the residents. As people start having sex uncontrollably, Bane enters the picture to make things worse.

To ensure he is received well by his date, he also purchases a magic potion to enlarge his genitalia. Unfortunately, he uses it without reading the instructions and realizes that it isn’t meant for people taking HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

As a result, he grows to the size of a building, and due to Ivy’s pheromones, starts wreaking havoc across the city. Now Harley and Ivy must stop the monstrous Bane before it is too late.


Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special is unconventionally chaotic and unapologetically crass. It excels in converting beloved characters into adult-themed ones and blends the superhero element with it expertly.

The special doesn’t feel like a parody and humanizes its characters albeit with hilariously bizarre creative choices. The Harley Quinn series in itself is quite raunchy, funny, and violent, but this Valentine’s special takes the cake.

Apart from the puzzlingly brilliant comedy, the special also explores relationship dynamics, sexual insecurities, loneliness, self-love, and companionship, among other things in its own twisted way. Harley and Ivy’s relationship is at the heart of the narrative, and it works wonders.

Another fun addition is the couple’s therapy setup which the narrative keeps cutting to and we see various DC characters like Superman, Lois, Aquaman, Mera, Darkseid, and Hawkman, among others, on a couch, hilariously talking about love and relationships.

The animation quality is spectacular, and the characters and their problems are mostly relatable.


There is hardly anything to criticize in this special except for the extremely sexual and disturbing nature of many jokes. However, since the show has always been a flagbearer of weird adult humor, this should be expected from it.

Unfortunately, not everyone can digest this type of comedy.


Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special is a rib-tickling 40-minute experience that is sure to entertain you. It is the perfect stepping stone to the show’s recently announced 4th season, but people who can’t stomach bizarre sexual humor should probably steer clear.

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special
Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special review: Full of chaos and fun 1

Director: Jennifer Coyle and Cecilia Aranovich Hamilton

Date Created: 2023-02-10 23:29

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