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Hanna Season 2 review: Innocent yet deadly

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

The journey of discovering ourselves on a philosophical and psychological level is familiar to everyone, but Hanna is out to uncover the mystery of her existence and of many others like her. An Amazon prime original, Hanna, is a web series based on the 2011 film of the same name.

In the initial season we followed the titular character (Played by Esme Creed-Miles) reconnoitring her life out of the forest. Keen to grow beyond the boundaries of her isolated world, she begins to venture away from home trying to survive while figuring out who to trust. She is being chased by people who want to capture and make an assassin out of her to execute people for the state.


Hanna, after breaking into the Utrax facility and recusing one of her own from the enemies, disappears into the forest, a place that she knows better than anyone else. The scenic start to the second season is short lived as Hanna and Clara (played by Yasmin Monet Prince) have to run for their lives because of one wrong move from Clara.  

Her wrong decision throws her back to the life she escaped from and now Hanna again takes it on her shoulders to set Clara free from the new Utrax holding. But things are different from what both of them expected. 

Trainees who earlier had no contact with the outside world are now equipped to socialise and develop a cover story as a part of their new identity. Their new life includes much more freedom that makes trainees bent in Ultrax’s favour.

This one is a paced action thriller where no one knows who to trust anymore.


Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna feels like she was never away from the audience after season one. Miles in season two is still the same Hanna that we loved but with a major addition of attractive smartness into her Character. She is a natural.

Mireille Enos as Marissa Wiegler is crispy and her portrayal of spy instincts is impeccable, For her, this season is a deep dive into her emotional quotient. 

Yasmin Monet Prince as Clara Mahan is very disappointing considering the fact that the makers in the previous season sold her character as a potential lead for this season. Her performance is overshadowed by almost every other character. She appears to be extremely under confident.

Áine Rose Daly as Sandy Phillips is one character that you can’t hate in this series, The way Daly has used her acting skills to play a character that is emotionally unstable but clear of what her identity is will make you wish the whole series that nothing bad happens to her character. 

Gianna Kiehl as Jules Allen is really good on screen and very unpredictable as far as her character is concerned.


One of the key attributes of this series is its casting. It seems like almost all characters are tailor-made for each actor. 

The web series which circles around young girls who are to be assassins, has very smoothly served innocence which we see in the girls of that particular age group. 

Hanna has maintained its cinematic shade for the audience to feel at home and that the series’ storyline is finally out of the shadows of the film.


The only thing that will disappoint you is that Gianna Kiehl as Jules Allen was underutilised by the creators of the series, the performance graph of her character was dropped right at the moment when the audience would have extremely loved to see her in the driving seat as an antagonist. So if Some of you (like me) who are very engrossed in the flow of incidents of this drama will walk out of it in disappointment. 

Worth it?

To be honest, Hanna, when it comes to storyline might fluctuate its readings but the action and characters fill in every gap that might have occurred. 

If you want to take a break from things going on in your surroundings and want to be a part of an escapade ride, then this is the one for you.   

Appealing to the spy inside you, Hanna season two will make you want to desperately live a life full of action and adventure. 

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