Gunther’s Millions review: An uninspiring mess

Gunther’s Millions focuses on the life of a dog named Gunther, his trust fund that is worth millions, and his caretaker, Maurizio Mian. The docuseries is now streaming on Netflix.


Carlotta Liebenstein was a German countess who left everything she owned to her dog, Gunther III, making this German Shepherd and the ones that come from his bloodline the inheritors of her fortune.

Today, Gunther VI lives a life unlike any other animal. His trust fund affords him the best properties, food, and other luxuries that money could buy. 

Gunther is not the only one who benefits from the trust fund. His caretaker, a man named Maurizio Mian, benefits from it just as much, if not more. He is the son of the woman who was appointed by the countess to take care of Gunther. 

Maurizio claims that the countess was interested in researching the question of what makes humans happy. He forms groups of people he deems to be attractive, makes them live a luxurious and hedonistic life with Gunther, and observes them for research purposes. 

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However, soon questions regarding the countess’ life and her link to these experiments arise. It is then discovered that this glamorous life and Maurizio’s ideas are tools that hide something bigger from the public eye.


The docuseries does not omit the questions asked behind the scenes and their responses. These moments sometimes add to the ongoing narrative.

The documentary talks about the hedonistic lifestyle that was a part of Maurizio’s experiments. These topics are discussed without sensationalizing them, a common mistake that is made often.


The docuseries loses sight of its subject matter, making it seem muddled. It is hard to point out the central question that it aims to explore. The focus shifts from Gunther to Maurizio to his experiments to the people involved in them to Gunther’s owner.

As a whole, the docuseries comes out as uninspiring, perhaps because it lacks substance. It touches upon topics like Maurizio’s cult-like experiments and his motivations, but it does not include the opinion of third-party experts like psychologists, who could have offered a deeper insight. 

Additionally, the docuseries seems to be made up of different fragments that do not fit together. They have been forced together without any of them being thoroughly explored.

It seems quite dragged most of the time. If the creators wanted to talk about Gunther’s story and its origin, the docuseries could have been wrapped up in two episodes at the most. It could have even been interesting.


The docuseries has been stretched unnecessarily without providing the viewers with anything that they could not read in a short article on this topic. It would be better to read one of those articles than watch this muddled docuseries.

Gunther’s Millions
Gunther’s Millions review: An uninspiring mess 1

Director: Aurelien Leturgie

Date Created: 2023-02-01 22:15

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